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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lavender, Butterflies & Bees...

...think I'll start a Lavender farm!!

Mmmmmm...smell it!

The ones I started from seed, myself, failed...yet the ones Mother Nature nurtured along beneath these 2 year old plants are quite plentiful!

I will move them to a great spot come fall.
Not knowing I was going to have any 'babies', I bought 5 young plants

early this Spring and they are thriving also!

"Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep and relaxation : Seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows"

.....Yawn-n-n-nnnn..... are ya getting sleepy yet?

"An infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink"

.....Hmm-m-m-....how about relaxed?

.... I have tons of it growing!

"Lavender Wands are 'hot' also. They are great for hanging in your closest!"

...or hitting an irritable person over the head.. to calm them!!

Think that would be a good NEW line of work??

And I could put Cowboy out in the middle of it as the Scarecrow! Hee! Hee!

Shouldn't get hurt too badly there...


Sarah said...

Hmm...lavender...maybe I should try it out on my children!!!

Razor Family Farms said...

I love lavender! When we lived in Washington, I had a HUGE patch of it. We went and visited the lavender farm that I have currently forgotten the name of... what was that farm called? Anyway, it was very famous. I had to use my Epi-Pen while there, I'm afraid. LOTS of bees.

I want to apologize ahead of time for not posting my award. I'm desperately trying to catch up before I leave on a business trip tomorrow. I'll be in Atlanta for a week and then L.A. for a week. Crazy, huh? I'm going to try and continue to post but can't make any promises.

Gotta pay the bills, right?


The W.O.W. factor said...

Sarah~ just put some in a simmering pot and scent the air...see if it works! I actually have some going...too soon to tell! (If I find hubby snoozing like a babe shortly...maybe it does)

Lacy~ No need to apologize to me!! For Heaven's sake! A working girl on top of all the other things in your life.???..I've got to hand it to you! You are doubly amazing! Was that lavender farm on San Juan Island? Pelindaba? Yep...millions of bees around too. Can't find the pix a friend took last year of a yellow butterfly flitting around mine..it's so cool!
Have a safe trip! (s)

Pearl said...

Hi Barb... what a terrific post about Lavender. I've enjoyed it in many forms over the years. Too bad it doesn't assist me in sleeping. Did you know that many major hospitals vent Lavender through their air conditioning units as a way to encourage a calming effect on staff and patients?!
Thanks for the visit, Barb, and for the kind and uplifting comments about Alex. God bless...


Heidi said...

THANK YOU!! for stopping over to my blog! I love having people drop a note and tell me what they think! I grow lavender also, but its not as gorgeous as yours thats for sure!

I agree with the lawn thingy - I like it nice. Its the FIRST thing people see when they come to your home - so there is an expectaion there. If its nasty outside it must be nastier inside!! LOL Milk Man things I have a mental issue with grass, but I say bah!!!


terri said...

My hubby could use some relaxation. Maybe I should sneak some into his pillowcase.

Train Wreck said...

Can you roll it? I don't smoke, but It may work for some...I'm just sayin!
Your Lavendar is beautiful! I couldn't grow it, I'd fall asleep in it!zzzZZZ
BTW! WOW? How do you do all that you do?? You are going constantly!! At 90 miles an hour! Do you sleep? You are the amazing one! I scribble for fun and it relaxes me, Plus It is fun to design something with someone specfic in mind! Hmmm... Ideas swirling in my head...

TOCCO said...

Beee u teee fulllll!
I wanted to grow lavender, but I am not allowed... he is afraid that it will take over the garden!


LL said...

Lookin' good WOWie...

The W.O.W. factor said...

Pearl~ Great Idea! Think I'll go put some down in the filter part of our furnace/A/C...see if it'll filter like that here!

Heidi~ our daughter, Heidi, used to ask WHY do you do the yard thing b4 finishing the house? Your reason is my reason...the first thing one sees! MY eyes being most important, as not too many eyes show up way out here :)

Terri~ didn't seem to work for hubby last nite..maybe I need to soak the pillowcase :) Not sure he is as fond of the scent as I am tho.

TW~ Leave it to you! Yet another good idea? Know of anyone...I can ship it fresh! Hee Hee
And do I sleep?? well, some, I'm known to be leaving comments on blogs at 2-3 am...I need that vacation you mentioned How's about 6 mons there, and 6 mons here!

TOCCO~Ya know, each plant can get quite large (once I shear off the flowering stems in fall tho, they look pretty small, comparatively)
And "babies"...are hard to come by with all the reading I've done. I feel fortunate that I have some! Probably would have been more if I hadn't weed so heavily b4 going to Minn., as they all showed up after I got home! Seems as stem cuttings is the surest way to multiply them, and that is tough too, as I've tried.
Doubt they'd take over your garden, course may depend where you live I guess. As they do like DRY ~ and do we ever have dry!!

LL~ Hey, where'd you come from?? You weren't here a second ago! Do you need some 'meds' for that already relaxed mood you seem to alwats be in? Maybe I could Genetically Modify this Lavender for that effect :)

wordmama said...

Oh your lavender patch looks lovely! My mother in law used to have a huge patch in her front yard. One of the first things hubby ever gave me was a hand painted wooden box with said lavender carefully dried and packed inside. As you can imagine, I have a special place in my heart for the smell!

And you can tell that you get your serenity from the garden - it looks very loved!

JennyC&F said...


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Barb,

Your lavender is beautiful! I love lavender. Doesn't everybody? And it's good for all the things you said, and more. I even have a lavender cookie recipe somewhere.

I enjoyed this post. Have a great evening.



Rue said...

Hi Barb :)

I love lavender and I have three small bushes of it growing on the sunny garage side of the house. I think if you grow it by an entrance to the house, it's supposed to be good luck. I can't remember, but I just think it's pretty :)

You cracked me up with using your hubby as a scarecrow LOL

Have a great night!

Professor said...

I adore lavender- and your photos are just glorious! Love this post!

The W.O.W. factor said...

wordmama~ ...and oh how I love wooden boxes! Serenity? Absolutely!

Jennyc&f~ Thanks!

Renie~ Lavender cookies? I have yet to cook w/Lavender...think I need to try your recipe!

Rue~ Hmmm...good luck?? One patch is by the back door, another by one gate coming into yard,another under living room window...lets see..the others aren't too close to the house, so when I transplant some babies...I'll put them by the doorways (we have 5 entrances into this house..should give me lots of luck, eh??)
A job as a Scarecrow seems safer!

Prof~ Maybe if'n I ever get a camera that's got some 'quality'...I'll take a trip your way so you can show me how to use it properly! I'll bring ya some Lavendar! :)

Pony Girl said...

I just learned tonight that besides France, the town of Sequim, Washington state, is one of the biggest lavendar producers. Interesting!? I know I love it! Not sure it actually makes me sleepy, though.

Pearl said...

Hi Barb... just blog-visiting since I cannot sleep... again. When you get a chance, come over and check out the neat vintage ads + graphics that I used in a Kool-Aid post... I hope things are going well for you...


Midlife Mom said...

ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz Oh wait a minute, it's not time for my afternoon snooze!! I think I have some lavender in my garden, got to go out and take a whiff and see for sure. If not I am going to pick some up this weekend, yours just looks soooooo pretty and I can almost smell it through my computer! Nice post!

PK said...

Can I pick some?? Your photos are have put many to sleep it seems...lol That's a great post!
pk at bloggingus

JennyC&F said...

you know, re-reading this post, I caught that last picture of the lavender whips, or um.. what did you call them, wands? Anywho, I bet they'd make the closet smell great!
You should throw a few on Craigslist and see if they will sell!

Professor said...

I would to have you come this way!!!!!!

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