Where's the song ~~ "Don't let your daughters grow up to marry a Cowboy" ?

​​​​​​​Life is tough! Requires hard physical work, long, long days of pain, dirt, and broken fingernails.​
​Days of frigid cold & scorching heat; through the dust & mud; daybreak into the darkness of nite~~​
​the heart & body becomes toughened & weathered replicating leather!​
​A forever constant factor for a real Cowboy's Wife is tons of sweat, oceans of tears and a constant 'drought' in the wallet!​
​​​​​​​​​IF​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ she wants to spend anytime at all with her Cowboy, she must do as he does, you become partners!​
​​​​​​Kick off your boots, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and envision yourself in my life!​
​... It really isn't that bad! There are many rewards to be had to make it a great lifestyle! ...​ ​​​​​​​

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Starry, Starry Nite...

...(wonder how many there really are!) and pert-near a full moon!
We ate supper at a decent hour tonite (8:30 instead of 10pm!).
It was cool, calm & just the right 'feel' for a walk!
Hubby doesn't walk much, says that's what horses are for!
But he humored me & agreed to accompany me. Of course, we took our whole brood along too! Millie, Tess, & Mac~the Border Collies; Levi & Wyatt~ the Spoiled Yorkies. They must have been able to pick up on the quiet calmness of the 'mood', because they weren't rambunctious & crazy! Behaved really well! (and that is tough for the one & 1/2 yr old girls!).
Dusk was getting pretty close to becoming twilight by the time we got to the wooden bridge that's part of our drive.
Sure wish I had a good camera ... and then knew how to use it!
(Like The Lady Professor does...she takes beautiful pix!)
40' below us from the bridge, were three does drinking from the creek.
Saw 8, yep eight, wild turkeys too.
An owl lives under the bridge somewhere, and he was hooting to who knows who! Maybe we were too close for comfort...
We stayed there for a time, gulping in the fresh air, listening to Willow Creek as it wound through the willows and beaver dams. The moon was shining like a perfect china plate above the rollling hills of wheat! All white and shimmery! The "kids" sat quietly at our feet!
They seemed to be enjoying this special time too!
On the walk home, we heard several coyotes off in the distance with their young (the young ones always sound like they are playing & having fun!); there was cattle under some cottonwoods nearby and one Mama calling out for her young'un.
Walking in the moonlit darkness now, closer to the house, a few horses nickered, a few munching the last of their supper, while one farther away sighed heavily...as in deep REM sleep.
I love these kinds of evenings...as much as I love today's kind of mornings!
It was a perfect ending to a more than perfect day!


Sarah said...

Ohhh to have that kind of evening instead of a screaming baby!

Trade ya! :)

Thank you for a glimpse into your lives, it sounds wonderful!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Sorry Sarah..been there, done that!NO trading!

Professor said...

Thanks for the shout out and compliments!

And I love nights like that.....