Where's the song ~~ "Don't let your daughters grow up to marry a Cowboy" ?

​​​​​​​Life is tough! Requires hard physical work, long, long days of pain, dirt, and broken fingernails.​
​Days of frigid cold & scorching heat; through the dust & mud; daybreak into the darkness of nite~~​
​the heart & body becomes toughened & weathered replicating leather!​
​A forever constant factor for a real Cowboy's Wife is tons of sweat, oceans of tears and a constant 'drought' in the wallet!​
​​​​​​​​​IF​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ she wants to spend anytime at all with her Cowboy, she must do as he does, you become partners!​
​​​​​​Kick off your boots, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and envision yourself in my life!​
​... It really isn't that bad! There are many rewards to be had to make it a great lifestyle! ...​ ​​​​​​​

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Stepping Out...

...of My "Here & Now" moment...

...briefly, to thank you all for your kind and loving thoughts;
your heartfelt prayers.
It is truly a comfort to have so many virtual friends & hugs!
Tomorrow is yet another long day (2 hr drive each way) to be with our friends but I will catch up with each of you soon.

From "Misty's" family and ours, thank you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A "Misty" Mourn...

Years ago...
however scarcely twenty,
Your roots were laid delicately,
in a foundation of love,
with sacred devotion.
They allowed you to reach out,
seeking poise and composition.
Yet they remain deeply implanted...
for strength and resilience.
You seized the heart of the garden~
with your magnificence, your grace.
Your blooms emerged in unfaltering silk
...and quiet hues.
Year after year, your grandeur~unrivaled.
You were sturdy, yet delicate;
You were tough, yet generous.
Your stems arched high into the heavens...
Filling the air with admiration and wonderment.
Your elegance filled our hearts every day.
Unbeknownst to the world,
A storm of turbulence engulfed your resolve.
If only…..
If only…..
“Misty” ...we will miss you.
You are a Rose ...
A Sweet fragrant Spirit.
"Misty"...you will bloom, eternally,
As the centerpiece in the gardens...
Of those lives you've touched.
* * *
Cowboy & I share in the pain and the loss, these very dear friends are having to endure.
Misty (name has been changed out of respect for the family) was young, creative, intelligent and ever so compassionate; with so many doors to the world, yet to open.
She was a 'natural' with horses even though they were not her passion.
She devoted her time and love to her chickens, goats, cattle & dogs.
She planted, studied and experimented, with great success, in the gardens.
She loved her family, her faith, and her life, above all.
The medical diagnosis she received last week, although not life threatening at this time, was devasting news of a debilitating life ahead.
All of her youth, her vigor and determination, must not have been enough for this beautiful young lady to keep up her resolve.
...It is a "Misty" mourn...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up. "
W. Somerset Maugham

Maybe I'll repeat this again tomorrow....

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Famous "Robins"...

...We All Know &/or Love So Well.

Batman & ROBIN have been icons in our lives since the 1940's. They have appeared in the comics, as TV series and on the big screen in several versions. Everyone adores the sweet youthful face of Batman's sidekick~the popular~ROBIN.

The distinguished ROBIN Williams landed in our laps, in 1978, as an alien who came to Earth from the planet Ork in a large egg-shaped space ship via "Mork & Mindy".
ROBIN has been a welcomed 'visitor' in our lives as a comedian/actor extraordinaire!
Who doesn't welcome ROBIN Williams on their screens?
I, personally, would welcome him into my home!


We shall never forget the legend of the notorious ROBIN Hood!
The triumph of good over evil!
The robbing of the rich to give to the poor!
There is a mystical vision, a magical interpretation that has been woven into the rich tapestry of who ROBIN Hood truly is.
I have alwys wanted 'to believe' that he existed.
History records indicate it would have been sometime in the 13th. Century.
~If ROBIN Hood truly existed~

Becoming stranded on a beautiful island in 1894, through the words of Daniel Devoe, is the story of the illustrious ROBINson Crusoe.

Since childhood, this story has continued to intrigue me. I read the words, I saw the movies, and watched the TV series ...always "dreaming" of such a place, a life, such isolation...even with pirates and palm trees!
ROBINson Crusoe has remained an intricate part of who I am, why I am.

My earliest recollection of the most celebrated ROBIN of all,
is that of the North American songbird (Turdus migratorius) having a rust-red breast and gray and black upper plumage.
I have listened to, and cherished, their music since I can remember flitting in the gardens as a toddler.
Their appearance and their songs have a hint of magical wonder.
They were, and always will be, indicators that brighter and better days will soon be enjoyed.

I can never forget my childhood friend, neighbor
and "partner in crime" was ROBIN.
We shared wild adventures, invisible games;
explored the forbidden forests and beaches.
We were inseperable and enjoyed years of friendship.
So when my favorite ROBIN...showed up last Friday, I was elated! Memories of wonderment, laughter and good times overwhelmed me.
I lit up like a child on Christmas morn!
I danced with joy and heard music in my ears!
Which of the notorious ROBINs appeared before me?

None other than~
The Redbreasted ROBIN!

(aka North American Songbird)

Along with 15 others!
(which as you know, with my camera that only holds two pictures now,
and is worthless...
Nope, the 'photographer' is not worthless, just the camera!
you'll have to take my word on that...on both...)
I checked my garden journal and they arrived 6 days later than last year.
Is there any great significance to their arrival?
For me there is....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've Been Playing Outside...

...and Look What I Found!
She sure is a pretty sight to my eyes!
Poor photography and all!
One of these days....I'll figure it out; how to actually take a picture
that closely resembles what my eyes are actually seeing!
(hush now...I DID have my reading glasses on!)
I can "smell" Spring in the air!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Won the Lottery!

No, not the Mega Millions...or the State one, not even a scratch one!

The "Lottery" I won far exceeds those meaningless types~ by a long shot!!
My "Lottery" winnings will be a memory I will cherish for eternity!
* * *
But...Before I tell you about my "lottery winnings",
Today's post was going to be about us leaving yesterday,
before dark-thirty a.m and returning after dark-thirty p.m.…
missing, by a ‘hair’,
being sucked into a mudslide as we made the long trek to the 'big city', Spokane!
And about their 6 ½ feet of snow in 3 weeks!
And about this winter of white, wet, wild, weather Washington’s been having…
And then~I was going to "brag" about me running barefoot through the green grasses,
sipping lemonade, eating fresh picked strawberries from the garden
...and enjoying a relaxing swim in our newly 'acquired' lake!
* * *
Well, blah, blah, blah…NONE of that holds a candle to today!
* * *
Last night, we stopped and picked our mail up before heading in our driveway.
It was dark; I shoved the mail in my purse and proceeded through the rest of the evening.
This morning, I got the mail from my purse.
In it was a notice of a parcel, insured no less, which had been attempted to be delivered. Hmmm..what could it be? Did one of the kids walk off with something that
wasn’t theirs after Christmas and were sending it back?
INSURED though? We have nothing of value.
OK…Cowboy said he’d stop at the PO on his way out to give a riding lesson,
since he had to go that way. I told him before he signed for it,
make sure it’s not some gimmick thing or something we
did not need to be a part of….if so? refuse it.
He was not familiar with the return address on this parcel,
but it didn’t look like a gimmick thing or junk. It had a personal return address.
He signed for it and set the box in the cab of his pickup, proceededing with his agenda.
After the lesson and some time BS’ing, which he is very good at,
he headed back towards town. He decided to stop at our little
shrinking general store, hoping they might have some milk.
2 quarts was all they had, but it was better than none.
Of course, he had to buy a pack of candy- Skittles!
As he sat outside opening those sweets, he glanced at this box that was a mystery to him.
Yes, it had MY name on it…but this is a community property state
…and a marriage of “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine”…
Curiosity got the best of him.
He dug deep into his hip pocket pulling out his pocket knife
…..and slid it through the tape.
Upon lifting one flap…there was a card laying on top...
He immediately knew…..
This box and it’s contents would be something special to me!
He closed it up and hurried the rest of his 10 mile journey home.
As he entered I heard “Honey…..I’m home!”
Carefully…he set the box on the counter with the sweetest smile and said,
“I think you’d better come see this box I brought home!
I do believe it’s from a dear friend of yours!”

Yes Siree Sir! He was right!

The Return Address was that of Train Wreck!
What on earth could she be sending me?? I wondered.
I opened the flaps (Cowboy had taken the need for a knife away from me...
yea, that's a good thing since my handling of knives gets me in trouble...)
and what did I see?
A bright red envelope saying "Open me first".
It was a Christmas/Valentine card!
You see TW is a procrastinator too! She said so!
Since she didn't send in time for Christmas,
she decided it could be for Valentines!
She writes...."which is fitting, considering this package is filled with LOVE for you
my dear friend, from Many friends who love you!"

After reading the wonderful card, I'm already dripping with tears,
nestled in colored tissue paper and bubble wrap,
there were little treasures to be discovered!
Yes, that bright and sunny yellow box screamed "Open Me!"
...but TW wrote on it "Open me Last"...so obliged!

There, laying carefully on some bubble wrap, was two matted pictures from
"Gillespie Galleries"! I am truly honored to have her work in my home!
I'm estatic that she'd share them with me!! ~sobbing, sniff, sniff..
(Please forgive my pictures, they are taken from the lost & found camera from the haystack
...sandwiched between fallen layers for 2 weeks in the freezing/snow!
Yea, I know, that is not the real reason for lousy pictures...
it is the person behind the lens, but humor me, Ok?!)

Besides these beautiful
art pieces,
was a mug with
Kim's artwork!
She knows I LOVE
my coffee,
so now each morning,
we can enjoy a
cup "together"!
Cheers TW!!

It is no secret that I love Candles...Ya all know that...but my goodness! Would you look at these? One candle came in a twisted barbed wire holder...how fitting is that? I absolutely love it!
...tear dropped...
The others, you can't tell probably, but they are little apple candles! The wick is the stem! And since I live in the apple capital of the world state...what else should I have in my home but Apple Candles!! The are the sweetest little candles!! Just for me!!


Wrapped carefully in colored tissue is the coolest Paperweight!
I don't know if someone makes them????
Duh...some one does make them, but I'm not sure if I know that person! Anyhow, it is a 'wordle' with the words:
ME/1)to hold dear 2) to treasure, adore, value, love
3)to keep deeply in my mind
We do have a lot of wind here do you think this is to hold me down?
Or maybe it's to keep me "grounded"...Yea, I think so.

...wiping tear, runny nose...
more tissue please...
Then as I unwrapped deeper, lo and behold is the neatest thing!
Inside the Mason jar, is a package of lentils and peas for making soup.
Tied to the bale in a tiny bag is a stone~heart shaped!
A large heavy soup ladel and a tied scroll telling the story of
Stone Soup! I absolutely love this!! It is sooo ME!

The moral to this story alone, made me cry!

Now, if you remember the second picture, the Yellow Box!
It said to OPEN LAST!
Ok....I honored that instruction.
First thing I saw was this little package of tissue!
All so pretty and dainty with flowers!
"This is not a good sign of what I'm about to read!" I thought...
I'd already soaked my sleeve with tears! Slobbered on every kitchen towel...
Under the tissue is a letter written,
Which I MUST share!
"Barb.....some private words from Kim....If there was a way I could have hand delivered this package you can believe I would have. (I even looked into it!)
Yep, I would have (gulp) flown!
You are a remarkable woman & I look forward to "meeting" you someday!
Ok, with all that being said, I guess there are a "few" others that Love you a lot too,
because I received & was designated to be the one who sent you all of our "Love".
No one wanted to be named, so don't even ask!!
They all wanted to make sure you knew you mean a lot to them,
and wanted you to have a better New Year!
We Love you and hope this small gift from all of us helps start your New Year off with a bang! Now you will understand the tissue!
No words-We Love You Barb Plain & Simple!"
**sniffling...sniff, sniff...
more tissue please....
Inside the pretty Yellow Sunny box...was NOT the size 8 1/2 shoes it said on the side...
that would have been much too large for me, so that was a good thing.
But....it ended up being "too large" anyhow...for my heart!
The tissues got used, Cowboy grabbed another bucket and more towels...
for the rivers flowing down my cheeks were not stoppable by dams...

There was a gift Card, and this beautiful sugar container!
Inside, as I opened it, this note popped up that says:
"Because a Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."
From your "Blog" Family *heart*
...it was filled with... "Sugar"...!!!!
* * *
Cowboy had to catch me now...my knees went weak
(forget that "tough Ol' Bird" name I have..it failed me today!)
All evening....as I paced, as I touched, as I felt dizzy...
overpowered with emotion!
Cowboy kept giving me that sweet smile...and a wink.
He kept telling me that you all love me~
even though I'm someone you all have never met!
And he keept smiling...so sweetly...patting my hand...
Telling me it's because he is so happy for me!
Happy that I have such an awesome 'family' in this blog world!
Happy because through this 'family' I have found here...
...he's watched me transform into a different person ~All because of you!
He says he notices me not spending as much time worrying,
but instead, smiling all of the time because I have all of you!
* * *
I'm really struggling here now, "Family"!
How can I ever thank you?????
I have never felt this emotional before!
I am so overwhelmed with joy, with wonderment,
with love for so many people who have touched my life in so many ways
....and I've never met any of you!
I am sooooo truly blessed!
There are not enough words.........
........there is not enough time!
I have the warmest, the largest, the most loving "Family" and
I will forever hold each and everyone of you deep within my heart!
I love you all and thank you for making my life so complete!!

Friday, January 9, 2009



I JUST now received a package...
I can't stop crying!!!!
I will write later...when the tears stop....
OOooops ...that may mean you'll never hear from me again!

**EDIT...8:41 pm....it's AWESOME....and I'm still shaking so bad...this next post is "tough" on me!
Told Cowboy, I might have had a heart attack had he not caught me....
but said I can't do that 'cuz then he'd have to post about my 'departure' and he's not into doing that...wheeew...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Is Midnight...

…and the Sun is Shining!

See it?? It's Midnight...1-7-09
cow coughed up this photo for me! Nice of her wasn't it?

What 48 hours can do for my spirits!
My wintertime blues!

Midnight Sunday hovered at 13 degrees with gruesome clouds looming above.
A sprinkling plummeting of white shimmery crud fell once again!
6 additional inches on top umteen inches of older white layers!

By Noon Monday the heat was up 10 more degrees, now striking 28!
I grabbed the shovel, tossing and grumbling as I'd grown accustomed to,
until my aching muscles screamed “I want no more!”

Moisture began falling at Midnight Monday, muscling it’s way up to 35 degrees.
Giant wet droplets began falling by the bucketfuls!
The heavy pattering on the roof was music to my ears.
I drifted, happily, into sleep.

There was to be no nonsense as Noon Tuesday arrived!
42 degrees rang on the thermometer, the wind howled and the rain danced
in celebration of a grand meltdown!

It is now Midnight Tuesday and it's a searing 49 degrees!
The Pineapple Express, has arrived...
Alleluia!! (or is that Hula Hula!)
...quickly dissolving the White Ugly’s from my space!

When I awaken come morning…I do believe it will all be gone!

Maybe I should stay up all night,
watch the magic as it all melts away into Spring?

Fantasy? or Reality?....please be Reality!
Snake and all!

My Wedding Vows Stated...

...For Better or For WORSE.


...For Better or For HORSE!

This post is for those of you who "Lurked" and did not want your comment read by others.
Choosing anonymity instead, by emailing me regarding #10 in my last post.
In case you 'come back' lurking...I respond in this way to you all....

Let me first tell you-
YOU have never, nor could you,
walk in & fill my shoes...

There is a difference between having HORSES in your life
for recreation and pleasure;
As "tools" for ranch work, feedlots and pack outfits.
Each of which I have enjoyed immensely.
I have the utmost appreciation for and an ultimate respect
for having these HORSES, with these purposes in our lives.
You then have those HORSES in your life ...
as being your source of income, your survival.
These HORSES come with "baggage", and another human "attached".
These HORSES presence, their purposes takes on a different meaning now.

You give up your personal privacy.
You fore go the luxury of days or weekends off.
Unlike a 9-5 job, you do not get to shut the door behind you
when your shift is over, drive home...
...and have a life!


As far as me "getting out of Dodge" and living at the beach,
"allowing Cowboy to have a woman who truly shares...."
You know not what LOVE is,
nor what our Cowboy way of life is!
Enjoy your own life...
...and don't judge people for things you know nothing about!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What the heck...

...I've spilled my guts before!

Ok…who the heck Scrapped me?? Far too many of you I'd say!
What in tarnation are you all trying to tell me anyhow?
In my book, Scrapping is what you do with something that’s old or no longer useful
for it’s original purpose…like Scrap Iron, Scrap paper, table scraps…
What’s a person like me supposed to think?
So you think you want Scraps of me?
Well, hope you don’t regret Scrappin’ this ol’ gal!
I can come back to haunt you, you know!

I've thought long and hard as to whether I'd do this or not.
I then remembered that some of you already know more about me
than my own family does~ as since the beginning of my blogging last May,
it's been no holds barred as my fingers tap away at the keyboard!
So, here's some more dirt on me.
Just be sure to fill the hole back in when you are done reading!
Shovel will be provided!
Start Diggin' my friends...

1) I may be a short, lightweight, lefty…but don’t let that fool you! Cowboy always warns people that dynamite comes in small packages! I can hold my own with most men, pull more than my own weight, stand tall for what I believe in and punch with my right if necessary! (I’m sure for these reasons, I won’t be caring for myself by the time I’m 60-70…but then, someone had better shoot me!
If there are any takers on this deed, we can sign a contract now, so I can rest easy...)

2) I tend to hold my anger or frustrations inside. In all honestly, I’ve only totally ‘lost it’ 3 times in my life! Twice with Hydro (daughter). First was when she was 8..she threatened to jump off the rail of a bridge into a dry creek... (She was mad at me for something). Running towards her, with willow branch waving , she got off and ran up an embankment like a deer! I was hot on her tail with my blood boiling! Unfortunately, my endurance could not match a spry 8 year olds. I was exhausted by the time I got to the top where she stood so smug, all I could do was hug her! Not out of love…but for needing to hang on and catch my breath and wits!
Second time was during those trying “mother/daughter” years (I'm still amazed my Mom survived 3 girls!). One evening I was so angry (hmmm..can’t remember why now though) , I stormed flew out of my room, charged at her with my finger wagging and tongue flailing as she sat in a rocker in front of ceiling to floor windows…she honestly thought I was going to shove her out through the glass…and I wanted to.
My third time of cutting loose was with Cowboy! 20+ years ago.....before he quit drinking...hence he hasn't drank since!

3) I dreamed since I was a young girl ~of having my own Nursery/Greenhouse. Becoming a Cowboy’s wife as I did, meant following the Cowboy way, not getting my fingers in the dirt of my choosing! You must move and move again to where ever a Cowboy needs to go. Where the work is! We have moved 22 times in our years. Bought, built and/or remodeled (100% with our own hands)...7 of those times. If there was anything already hinting of “landscaped”…I’d hand dig it all up and start with my own ideas. I planned & planted. I watched my endeavors spring to life, become as I dreamed they be! Just as they’d begin to flourish~it was time to move again. That's as close to my dreams I've ever gotten.
(3 ½: I never totally unpack everything!)

4) I went to college and became a Paralegal. I needed to prove to "someone" in my life…that I was capable! That I deserved to be treated as a valued person; that I warranted respect. While going to college full time, working full time…and never ever neglecting the young lives of my children....
I didn’t get much sleep in those days…heck I still don’t.....
I learned a valuable lesson because of my Advisor. To be assertive! And assertive I became!
I divorced "the reason" I needed to go to college! (Yep…I was married before!) I never went on to pursue that career, because I had accomplished my goal! And it felt wonderful! I began to actually live & breathe again! Then I met Cowboy….and with like #3, a Paralegal career would not fit into that lifestyle.
And I didn’t care! I have no regrets.

5) I’m a self taught ‘electrician’! Electricity bothers me NOT! I wired and rewired those houses I talked about in #3. (Cowboy fears electricity!) Each time I passed inspection the first time! I am the designated electric fence tester. I can grab hold and hang on without care! Electrical things in my life have a very short life span. Toasters, irons, sewing machines, handheld phones, curling irons, hair dryers, (like I ever need these!), coffee pots, (my trusty Bunn is the only one that survives my coffee passion…the 3 I’ve owned have each lasted a min. of 4 years! Others…a max. of 4 weeks!). The list goes on and on including computers. I have ‘fried’ 2 of my own and 3 at jobs I’ve held.
Warning, never hire me if you want your computer to live!

6) My Cowboy and others call me an Artist. That is a HUGE title, one which I’ve yet to acknowledge. Pencil is one I prefer, etching on scratchboard is another. I give it all away to who ever thinks they want it. I have kept a few of my favorites and only when we moved here, 3 years ago, would I allow them to hang on my walls. (I am my own worst critic). I love working with wood and building things. Outside? Nature and it's gifts provides me another palette to get creative with! I took up stained glass last winter, making my own patterns and teaching myself as I learned, burned & cut myself, broke and cussed at many shards! Funds and economy stopped me in my tracks, from pursuing it again this winter.

7) I am a perfectionist! And I hate myself for it sometimes! A few hints....when I edge my lawn…I use an old kitchen knife & scissors, while on my hands and knees to making the “perfect” curve or straight edge.
When I paint walls (which I love to do. I am forever changing the colors in my house)...I use a tiny artist brush at the ceilings, the floor, around the trims & tiny 'surprises' sprinkled about. Takes me hours and hours. I tolerate no ‘slips’ or misses!
Cleaning? A toothbrush and my hands and knees are my companion! These days I make sure I have my reading glasses on so I miss not a single speck!

8) Yet…at the same time as #7…I can walk away when I see my quest has come to completion…..almost! The last 1-2” of a hand painted design on a bedroom wall will never be finished; a picture or stained-glass creation will lie tossed to the side and never be framed until someone else lays claim to it. The end product looks just like I envisioned, albeit 99.9% completed! I need no more than that.

9) I could be a vegetarian easily. I am pretty (ridiculously) finicky about my meat! Corn fed beef (done our way!) and hung for 30 days (costs more though but worth every dime or rather dollar!) on my orders or I won’t patronize that butcher, cut NO fat off! Pork MUST have fat also! I cannot eat store bought pork or beef! Or most other people’s idea of GOOD meat!

Better put on and pull up your waders....this one is deep!

10) If I were alone…I would live at the ocean. The Pacific...Oregon shores are the best!
I’d walk the sandy beaches barefoot. I’d allow the crashing waves to tackle my ankles.
I’d inhale the salty sea mist and listen as the gulls cry through the skies.
I’d have a little cozy cottage, complete with a fireplace to curl up by.
I’d write, I’d draw, I’d read, I’d quilt, I’d blog!
Rain or shine!!
I'd live on tacos and PB & J's...& coffee of course!
I L-O-V-E the ocean…the peace it brings me.
Now, hang on to your saddles here …those of you who love them…I would never have to see, speak or hear the word HORSE again! On MY turf!
Without going into a ton of detail for my reasons (I've got 30+ years of pent up reasons!)
...HORSE means: broke in the wallet, too many hours of people, time dominance, restrictive & obtrusive, damage, pain ....I'll stop here as I'm sure I just dug my hole deeper here...but that's me and my guts spilling.....

Now that I’ve been ‘forced’ into scrapping my life…
I thought it would be harder to do and then I had to start eliminating,
would anyone care to pick up the pieces, glue them back together so
I can start all over again?
Nope, dumb question…I don’t want to start over!
I would not change my life!
I may not always like the life that I have,
but I always love my Cowboy and our life together!
Here's your shovel, as I promised~now start filling the dirt back in!
If you feel inclined? Go dig up some dirt of your own,
scrap yourself on your blog for us to read!

While you are at it....please shovel my snow too!


**EDIT: 1/7/09**..if you feel the need to leave a judgmental email instead of a comment, please go here first.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Memories...

...I bring with me into 2009

The following are my two most treasured memories...
the ones I will carry deeply embedded in my heart~ year after year!
Last Spring, our daughter, Hydro and her Wonderful Husband,
flew me to Southern California for a 10 day visit.
It had been a l-o-n-g two and half years since we had seen each other
and it turned into a visit of profound love and joy!
Getting reaquainted with the grandkids and witnessing how they had grown,
not just physically but emotionally, intellectually and as young children ~was astonishing!
These precious kids are amazing! I commend Hydro and WH on their spectacular job of parenting, teaching and for providing them with unlimited opportunities to soar on!!
I had so much fun being a Grammy!
I even tried those "Heeley" shoes with them around their garage and walkways!
I actually didn't even fall on my bum until I was standing still, talking with Hydro!
I helped them with their very first vegetable garden...
that is when they honored me with the title " a tough old bird"
as they skipped off to play with their friends for me to finish the grunt work!
I experienced the beautiful side of Hydro that I have deeply missed.
She is as a remarkable teacher as she is as a wife, as a mother
...as a best friend and as a daughter!
Her passion and compassion is endless!
Oh how I missed sharing in those times!
WH and Hydro have a huge project of getting their 2.5 acre desert
property landscaped since building their home.
I never imagined Hydro would learn to love gardening.
It was always my passion not hers.
I never asked for or expected help from her and her brother growing up,
as it was my private sanctuary, not theirs.
But she has found joy in gardening! And I was able to help!!!
We actually had the opportunity to spend some wildly windy days together ~
working side by side, as not just Mother and Daughter,
but as Best Friends!
(If you read this, Hydro...Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
I love you more than you will ever know!)
Ten days was not long enough!!
I wish with all my heart, that we could live close enough to
share in all of the daily things I know we are missing out on!
Thankfully, I do have this special time with Hydro, WH
and the grandkids
that I can reflect with love on...forever!
Then comes Christmas...2008!
This is a the most beautiful family memory...
Cowboy and I both, can languish in!
The kids came home from North Dakota and California!
We were able to spend our first Christmas together in OUR home in 15 years!
The Grandkids wished for snow! Well....they got their wish!
And then some more and more!

Let's go have some fun!
Who cares if it is only 12 or 13 degrees!
When you are young...
temperatures don't affect you much.
(I can vouch for that!)

Let's Play!
The snow covered hills are calling!
(Mickey Blue Eyes & Papa)

The first day,
I'm telling my "Son"...(Hydro's WH) ->->
Now this is Freezing Fun!
(it really was!)
Mickey Blue Eyes and Dil had a blast creating a sledding run in deep, deep dry snow! Not an easy task either! Both "Sons" thought that driving a 4x4 up the hill would make for easier sledding. That was not possible! After a few trips down the hill, tredging back up again, Papa had an idea! Why not pull them on a sled behind the pickup...on a country road! He used to do that when our kids were young!
Oh how Mickey Blue Eyes and Dil enjoyed that! "Go faster Papa!"....and he did!

The next day, both "Sons" asked for permission to extend the sled run up higher!
It will make for more speed, more giggles....even more hiking, I might add!
They were granted permission to cut the fence (behind where WH & I stood...above picture). Fence cutters in tow and shovels in hand, those adult men (..or rather Boys, as they are both kids at heart!) set off to make a sled run to be remembered! Complete with jumps! They would send the kids down for "compacting purposes" and by the time the kids climbed back up, the "boys" had extended the run by atleast another 15-20 feet. When all was said and done, that run was over 300 meters long! You can't see the steepness to the slope from that picture,
but if you knew Palouse country...it gets mighty steep!

Way to go Dil!! as he crashed over the last jump towards the bottom!
Sledding speed (or was that sailing?)
got to...who knows! Way too fast!
The "Sons" tried so hard to get down their
own creation on those plastic disks
and toboggans, but they aren't built
for the 200# club so they never
reached the speed the kids did!

Or what Hydro and I did!

It was quite hard on
thee ol' bum at the packed bottom,
and over the jumps...
but what great fun!

Your turn Mickey Blue Eyes!
Hey! You are flying backwards!

Now we can't have a long day spent in freezing weather having a blast without some good ol' hot chocolate, now can we?

Would you look at those rosey cheeks?

After a warm supper and the chill
has left your bones, you can begin to feel
your feet again so why not do some dancing!
The Cowboy swing of course!
And do our kids ever know how to dance!
They spent years watching Cowboy and I!

Ok, Grammy, I've been outside today for over 7 hours without a break...I think I'll relax and read a good book!

Now, this Dil, is our "Brain" grandchild!
He is only 9 and reads 12th grade level stuff!
And a speed reader on top of it!
And comprehension like I've never seen!!
(he's been reading the newspaper since he was 4)

And then there is our Mickey Blue Eyes..
She is our Miss Independant~Jokster
and such delight for us!

Come on Mommy and Uncle C...
let's play another game,
but not Monopoly
this time!

Time was filled with games and giggles galore
I can't show you the gag
I'm in one of them!

We had tons and tons and tons of love surrounding us!

Cowboy and Hydro ... it had been 3 years since hugs could be shared between them!!
(I love this Picture!)

Our Christmas together ended much too soon!
We all vowed that it was the best ever and that there will never,
ever be so much time lapsed between building more beautiful memories~ together
Thank you, thank you...Hydro, "Son" aka Wonderful Husband (WH),
"Son", Dil and Mickey Blue Eyes for making these memories of 2008 so profoundly beautiful!!
(and Thank you Hydro and WH for capturing these pictures!)


I have 2 other memories of 2008 that will travel with me into 2009...

One is how wonderful my gardens displayed
for me last summer! Each year, with every
new growth and bloom, I'm amazed and
filled with pride!

I yearn for Spring, as I am anxious to expand my lavender, as my original plants blessed me with so
many new 'babies'... they are in pots and
ready for Springs arrival to find their own new beds!

Besides, I hate Winter!
I know, I just told you that last post...
but it's true!

Secondly, is the memories I've found here in this wonderful world of blogging!
I have made such wonderful friends here!
Shared in so many lives! Discovered amazingly talented people!
I am so blessed and so very thankful to have met each and every one of you...
so I'm dragging you along with me as we enter into a wonderful and brighter New Year!
Happy New Year Everyone!