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Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside Is Delightful...

...Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain!

We don’t get much rain in our small part of the world so today we received a welcomed treat!
I do love the rains…..the ever so scarce ones~that is.
The everyday predictable ones, I can live without.

Since a gentle rain was falling, I felt compelled to do the one thing I love,
and rarely have the opportunity to do.

Take a walk in the rain!

I turned my face upwards as I left the eaves of the porch, allowing the pure waters, falling from above, to land on my cheeks. There was an immediate renewal in my heart.

The burdens resting on my shoulders this past month began draining from my mind with each footstep I took.
I walked down the drive not knowing which way my feet would take me.
Each step landing softly on the once crispness of fallen leaves, now gentled with moisture.
I witnessed the remaining leaves which once clung to their twining branches with life,
were now drifting and dripping to the ground.
They landed with a soft sigh of relief to have finally let go.

Beyond my reach, the once golden hills surrounding us, lay dormant.

They were quickly being freed from the weight of their dusty blanket.
The new wheat sprouts that have emerged in green hues can now welcome winter’s arrival without the burden they have carried on their tender blades.

I wandered to the bridge in our drive and rested my arms on the rail.

The creek below slipped quietly by, as I noticed three wild turkeys.
They were roosted high on a large willow branch and I followed their watchful eye.
Slowly padding along the soggy shores of the creek was a lone coyote, drinking from a shallow pool. He paused momentarily, probably catching my scent, glancing my way without fear and commenced to drink some more.

In the distance a red-tailed hawk floated aimlessly on the raindrops as if he were sailing.

The hushed calm of this rare moisture was soothing to all it fell upon.

Having lingered for better than fifteen minutes, I decided to wander up through a draw that I had yet to explore. Curiosities lead my way up the now muddy cattle trail.

I wondered what views may be awaiting me. With each step I left my own footprint.
I stopped glancing behind me, to compare the tread of my shoes to those hoof prints of the animals that crossed this path daily.
I felt as if I were intruding. I walked with a softer gait then, careful to not disturb their grounds.
Further up the trail, I scattered a family of quail and a field mouse dropped back into the earth.

Oh how peaceful this rain is.

It is not only a desperately needed cleansing rain, it is also a welcomed healing rain.

This country is comprised of many steep rolling hills. There is a vastness of unknowns beyond each rise. If a person is unable to read nature’s compass, becoming lost would be easy.

There are not the sounds of combines this time of year, yet once in awhile, one can hear the hushed drone of a lonesome tractor in the far distance making its way through the dusty valleys.

Today, there is only the touching sounds of raindrops as they slide down to the earths surface .....and only if one takes the time to listen!

I reached a crest, which is called “eyebrows” here, and noticed a rock outcropping that was beckoning me a few hundred yards away. Slowly and lightly, I made my way to them as the grasses that were now beneath my feet were slippery. The rain had become a light drizzle by now. I took off my coat and placed it as a pillow to sit on.

Stillness wrapped itself around me. There I sat, alone in this huge expansive land with the immense feeling of belonging to this earth, being so blessed to share in its bounty of nourishment and glory.

The dampness in the air filled my senses with newly uncovered aromas of the sage and the soil;
with a renewed awareness of the simplicity of my life.
My head floated in this quiet truth.
This is where my heart belongs, walking side by side with nature and wanting nothing more.

This is my home where the silence becomes my companion; the earth, my guide.

My eyes caught a movement far below my perch. Lying under the protection of a cottonwood’s fading canopy was a 5 point buck. His head was raised and uncaring.

Several feet to the north of him were 2 does at the creek side.
They were oblivious to my presence,
and if they were not, they knew I meant them no harm.
For I too, was enjoying this soft rain, cleansing the earth,

consoling the mind and encouraging the heart.

Upon reaching the steps to the backdoor, I noticed in the glare of the glass, that my hair glistened with moisture, my coat clung snugly to my shoulders and my shoes had left muddy footprints on the sidewalk behind me.

And the rains had stopped.

I loved my walk in the rain!

Tomorrow brings a clean slate;
beginning with a new day, a new month, and a new beginning of hopes.


Sage said...

Beautiful words Barb, and with such meaning behind them. Sometimes a walk can help clear a person's mind of worries and woes; sounds like yours did. {{hugs}}

Christina said...

OMY... what poetry. Barb, that was a beautiful post. I felt like I was there walking with you! Have a great day! (((hugs)))

Mrs Mom said...

LOVE it WOW! You always amaze me, dear lady.

Hey- at least HOW did not holler out "male stripper!" ;)

Train Wreck said...

Yeah you are probably right, you shouldn't write a book. I didn't really feel any of your feelings and incredible talent for drwaing me in, in this post. You better stick to Chimney Sweeping!

Women I am going to go find LL and then we are coming to your house, and then... well LL will have a plan! Are you crazy?? You need to write a book! Start right now! well dry off first, then start. You know you want to... You are too talented to not do it, and Selfish!! Yep If you do not share your beauty, you are cheating us out of hearing your soul! I am sneding you some pencils! Paper anyone???

Train Wreck said...

See how serious I am! I misspled lik 10 wordz! THat is why I am a painter!!

Sarah said...

I'm cracking up at Train Wreck. :)

It's raining here today. I do enjoy it since we don't get too much of it.

I just don't like the muddy mess it leaves in my kitchen!

Janice Thomson said...

That was probably one of the most delightfully beautiful posts I have ever read - I was with you every inch of the way.
I have only one request...could I please send you some of our rain which has been falling steadily for two weeks now and though I walk in it everyday I'm tired of digging my shoes out of what is now a backyard swimming pool...soon I'll be floating down to you LOL
A rain is indeed a wonderful healing experience.

Alex said...

What a beautiful post! Wow, Barb. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a good weekend. :)

Gail said...

Wonderful post. How did you find me? Doesn't matter...glad you did.

I can second that Worn Out Wife!

Ranch wife said...

Beautiful post. I envy your rain....we could sure use whatever you would like to send out our way...


Linda said...

You better start on the book! I love the rain too and we need some so when you get your fill send it on up will you!?!

DesertHen said...

Beautiful post. I want to go walking in the rain now. It is very cloudy here today, but oddly it is on the warm side. We are due rain later this evening. It will settle the dust and help the winter wheat to sprout. Hayman, his boss and bosses wife left this morning on a ten day elk hunt....I worry just a bit because where they are going, the rain will surely become snow and the temps will drop into the freezing mark. Daughter and I are left here on the farm to hold down the fort......

Have a peaceful weekend......

Rue said...

That was such a beautifully written post Barb that I didn't even need any pictures.

Here's to a new beginning.... :)


LL said...

Has anyone mentioned that you should write a book yet?

At least you had shoes on... ;P

wordmama said...

Oh Barb, this was simply gorgeous. You painted such a clean, clear picture that I felt I was walking along with you. You actually took me back to my days as a nature teacher in high school where I often took solitary walks in the rain.

Thank you for such an eloquent post! Just beautiful!

JennyLu said...

Wow, that ended way to soon! What a beautiful piece and thank you so much for sharing your peaceful interlude.
Hugs, Jenny

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Barb, if rain makes you write this good, I can't wait to see what snow does to ya ! hahahahahahaha !

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Have I ever told you that I am frightened to bits of wild turkeys??? I really and truly am! I found one in the old barn at the far corner of our back field as a child and was utterly terrified. They hiss. No one told me that wild turkeys hiss!


The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like a wonderful peaceful day!

Egghead said...

This is why I come here. You words are like music. Yes living in the moment and a new day and a new hope....music to wake up to.

Professor said...

Oh Barb these are such beautiful words and I love it... and a walk in the rain is such a cleansing type of ritual it can't help but make a body feel better.

terri said...

Thank you for showing me how to appreciate the rain, rather than running from it. I felt as if I were along with you on your walk and it was so peaceful!

Gail said...

Horses, Border Collies and Sam Elliot! I can hear his voice from another room and coming running. Is it the Scorpio in me or just plain Sam Elliot??
I have been reading your About Me and we have many more things in common. Strike coffee and insert Dr Pepper and we are twins...Thanks for stopping by.

Karen J-S said...

Thank you for a beautiful post. We're waiting for our first good rain in months...on the other side of the state where I grew up, it rained constantly and I grew so tired of it. But, I can truly appreciate it now...blessings~~

Freak Magnet said...

This was absolutely beautifully written! I walked right alongside you, clearing my mind and feeling that same peace! I have an award waiting for you - come see!

JennyLu said...

how do you get your pic's to upload?

Renie Burghardt said...

What a lovely post, Barb. See, the rain came just for you, so you could renew your spirit. I feel that way when I'm walking in the woods. I forget all my cares and woes, and become one with nature. And when I come out of the woods, my heart is filled with peace and joy.

Write a book already!



laurie said...

oh i love walking in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Must have been a while since you had rain. I must say that, while we dont get much rain, i do enjoy it much more than the wind that we do get.

Rose said...

Your writing inspired me today...
Thank you...

I quilt too said...

I think I may be walking in the snow soon--Very cloudy out