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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


...and the financial state of Americans.

Due to the call for 20 degree weather beginning tonight and for the next 5-6 days, I decided that I had better get at least one of fireplaces cleaned today as I am going to need the heat that it generates…when I add wood to it of course.
To drown out the "quiet channel" going on in my house as I cleaned it, I watched Oprah, which is something I seldom do.
Watch TV that is.
Oprah's agenda was to address the financial crisis Americans are now facing.

A special segment included a live conversation with CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan who says “the root of the crisis is that the people have been unrealistic about their finances.”
He also stated:
“The problem that we have right now is one where too many Americans collectively borrowed more than we can afford to pay and we created a system on Wall Street to support that culture, now we are all dealing with the consequences”.

Oprah’s other guests
“The Thriftiest Family in America” who helped a couple from Minnesota reorganize their finances after the two income household became one.
She had mini-interviews, via computers, with others who are reorganizing their lives, or are trying to adapt or figure out how to survive with the changes in this strained economy; from coupon shopping, swapping furniture with friends, to trading homes.
The show was intended to stress to the American people it is past time to change their lifestyle, their spending habits. Take control and become responsible, it is up to you!
Some of the tips and thoughts presented on Oprah' show today were the basis of how our parents and grandparents lived, not just through the great depression, or bad economic times, it was THE WAY they lived their lives!
We all could have and should have learned this concept of living.
This is how those generations struggled, and survived…and also prospered!
“Don’t spend more than you make”.

I am not posting this to judge anyone in America for the lifestyle, the spending habits, or the luxuries they have.
We have all made our own choices.
We must live with them and adapt to the dramatic changes that are happening.
I am writing this because Cowboy and I have lived a very frugal and austere, if you will, life (minus the 5 years in AZ). We have managed to have the “American Dream” by owning a home.

That is the only thing.

More on this tomorrow….


wordmama said...

And that age old adage is one we're trying to follow. Not always easy and not always successful, but hubby and I are blundering through our early years and learning from our mistakes as we go.

(sorry I've been awol lately. Crazy at work these days just doesn't begin to describe...)

Raising Country Kids said...

We just had this conversation last night. If people would learn to be content with what they have, we wouldn't be in this mess. The American standard of living has become absurd. We don't have much, but we have four kids, loyal dogs, good horses, and we are capable of feeding all of them.

Linda said...

Amen! We've been called cheap our whole married life but if we didn't have it we didn't spend it. I'll bet more people will learn this the hard way in a time like this. Do I sound like a cranky old woman or what?

The Blonde Duck said...

I love it. I've been saying it for years. We who have saved and sacrificed should be living high--now we'll have to pay for other's mistakes. Burns me up. Bless Oprah for doing that!

DesertHen said...

I too watched the Oprah show yesterday...not something I usually do either....but after canning dilly tomatoes and doing various other chores, I needed to sit for a bit.....the head cold is kicking my fanny!! It was a good, well put together show..........I'm afraid there are several generations that feel they must have it all right now, this minute and refuse to wait.......very uncertain times we are in. Scary!!

We are forecast to receive snow down to the valley floor this weekend....snow this early is unusual for us. I think our night time temps are supposed to hit the low 20's..........burrrrr!!

Shirley said...

This is something my husband and I have said for years. The world is spinning way to fast; there is too much emphasis in worldly posessions and wealth, and not enough people are willing to live a simple lifestyle. I hope that the current crisis will serve to make people reevaluate their priorities in life.

Mrs Mom said...

I have TWO words here.

OK three- www.daveramsey.com

Dear Husband and I have been listening and learning from Dave Ramsey on his radio show for YEARS now, and know what? We Are Debt Free. We Know How To PROSPER and make it in these times. Content with what we have already? No- BUT we are NOT going to go into debt to buy something either. If we NEED something, we pay cash. When we WANT something, we pay cash. No credit cards, no store credit, no car loans- nothing. Cash or nothing.

Is it hard? Yep. But it is well worth it, since now we can begin to provide a better life for our sons, and NOT stress about every single penny going out to pay bills.

My favorite saying of Dave's? "ACT YOUR WAGE!"

Check him out folks. I think you will love what you learn.

Mrs Mom said...

Oh- I forgot WOW- I tagged you at The Daily Journal too! ;)

Amanda said...

I am sitting by a cozy fire watching the Fox News channel and shaking my head.

LL said...

Dern you and your getting it again!

terri said...

It's about time someone says this out loud! America has perpetuated the myth of the American dream and too many have believed it for too long. Now comes the hard part...

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Barb,

I don't watch Oprah. I rarely watch TV in the daytime.

Economic meltdown, panic, etc. does not affect me too much, except that food stuff costs more these days. I am debt free, and have been for years. I never buy anything on credit. If I can't pay cash, I don't need it, has been my motto for years. I do enjoy things like going out to eat several times a week, but I have earned those rewards at my age.

Hey, it's still 80 degrees in the Ozarks!

Have a good day.



Elliemae said...

What!? You mean I'm not supposed to spend more than I earn? And I should try to save some of what I earn and not spend it all? That's crazy talk. :) Wake up Americans, live within your means! Bravo!

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I totally agree with you. While I have made my own mistakes, I take responsibility for them. I cannot feel sorry for all the over spenders and livers above their means. They need to down size and quit spending. Period! I own my home and run an entire household by myself and until I get my first check from my new job I did all that on $10 an hour with no benefits. I hope your visit with your sister goes well!

Professor said...

Here's the thing: I know I'm a mess financially and I know what I need to do to fix it. people who don't just amaze me.

Egghead said...

I wish I could have seen that. I meant to but life has a way of ripping your plans apart. I agree with the living within your means but it is certainly not easy. We have always lived frugally, never taken a vacation that wasn't to visit family, raised our own meat, eggs and garden and worked darned hard. Still hare to get our heads above water though. Good blog. I am waiting to hear more.

Gail said...

I agree. My sisters and I were raised by parents who knew the depression. Dad left Kansas during the dust bowl. Mom and he always practiced restraint. They taught us how to survive the hard times, to make do, to survive off the land.
Dad was talking organic way before we had heard of Rachael Carson and her Silent Spring. Dad was a World War II veteran and knew what poison could do.
Mom's mom was a midwife. Mom was the youngest but also handed us many common cures from Grandma Pruett.
We know how to can, to dry, to make turnip hills and grow winter crops.
We are very lucky to have had such wonderful parents.