Where's the song ~~ "Don't let your daughters grow up to marry a Cowboy" ?

​​​​​​​Life is tough! Requires hard physical work, long, long days of pain, dirt, and broken fingernails.​
​Days of frigid cold & scorching heat; through the dust & mud; daybreak into the darkness of nite~~​
​the heart & body becomes toughened & weathered replicating leather!​
​A forever constant factor for a real Cowboy's Wife is tons of sweat, oceans of tears and a constant 'drought' in the wallet!​
​​​​​​​​​IF​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ she wants to spend anytime at all with her Cowboy, she must do as he does, you become partners!​
​​​​​​Kick off your boots, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and envision yourself in my life!​
​... It really isn't that bad! There are many rewards to be had to make it a great lifestyle! ...​ ​​​​​​​

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cowboy's New Career Search...

.....the Results are in ..options that have been eliminated.

* * *
Taking up the Profession as a Chimney Sweep is out! It's a scarry, dirty job...
where was Mike Rowe anyhow, when he was needed most!
* * *

(Go ahead, click pictures to enlarge)

Hey W.O.W.! ....I've got it!

Remember when we used to dance all night,
the jitterbug, the waltz, the two-step?

I think I will try out for
"Dancing with the Stars"!
I could become a famous dancer
with my new "Three-step" routine!

...What's that you say? ...No?...

Then I should try my hand as a Mountain Climber!
Remember W.O.W., those days on the pack outfit?
Riding over the top of Mt Stuart? What a thrill it was?
Being on top of the world seeing into Canada and down
into Oregon and Idado?
Those were fun times! I Could do this!

...I know, I know, a horses' footing is better'n mine...


Oh! I got it!
Hydro did gymnastics!
Why not me?
W.O.W., ..watch me! I can do the balance beam
with ease, want to see me try a back flip?
Yea! This could be a lot of fun!

Ahhh.......W.O.W.! You won't let me have any fun!

You even made me quit riding bulls!
I probably would have become the
next Don Gay if you hadn't threatened
to become a Rodeo Clown,
if I didn't quit....
.....give me another chance!

...OH, ALL RIGHT !.......
....fingers tapping gripping now...

OK, W.O.W.!
You can't tell me "No" on this idea!!
You know how much I love Christmas...
I think I want to become a Cowboy Santa?
I am such a Jolly ol' fellar, and
I will promise to drop the toys down
the chimney with care!

....COME..... ON.....!!!....W.O.W!

Do you have any better ideas?

Well, fine then...
I will just stay here and relax awhile longer!

...Oh, H.O.W.!
Quit fooling around & get off that roof....

...come in and sit by the warm cozy fire!


Sage said...

Barb, that looked like one scary job.. glad you both survived in one piece and that you don't have to do it again in a hurry.


Anonymous said...

I agree looks like a scary job! Glad it's over and no one got hurt.

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

What a task! My goodness, I'm glad that no one fell or sustained a life threatening injury!

I love the picture of Cowboy in his hat on the roof. That's so neat!

Blessings, hugs, and lots of love,

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the rodeo clown and dancing with the stars option! 3 step--too funny!

Rue said...

Good morning Barb :)

I'm glad he didn't get hurt! I go into panic mode everytime Rich gets on our roof. At Christmas time he dances around up there putting up lights and I don't think I take a breath until he climbs down.... yikes!

I'm sorry about your son's job, but I have to say that he seems to have a good attitude about it. Must be those fabulous parents that raised him, huh? :)


Janice Thomson said...

Yikes! Cleaning that chimney is not something I'd want to do.
Maybe you could get into commercials somehow - you've such a good sense of humour and they pay well!
Isn't it quite the reality check, after all one has been through, to find out at this age there's just some things you can't redo? Sheesh.
Something will come up - it always does :)

Amanda said...

I am glad it is done and you guys survived it!! Sit by the fire and relax!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that no self-respecting cowboy likes heights of any kind!! Glad he made it down safely!
I met Don Gay once at the Cow Palace....he was a small guy for bein' a bull rider!
Sorry about your son's job...Darlin', your faith surely must have grown immensely in the past few months, but remember, you're not alone...You've got God and all of us crazy folk out here in cyber-land!(That should be a comfort, huh?!?!)
My FAVORITE quote of all time, from the movie, "Mr. Mom" :
Keep that sense of humor...it's critical!!!"

Linda said...

Glad to hear you survived it and lived to tell the tale but "Dancing With the Stars".........we both need to do that one!

LL said...

Erm HOW... you missed a spot...

You two could always go into the music video bidness... ;)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Nice to be able to enjoy the fire now, safe and sound on the ground. I am glad that you both came through unscathed.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Barb, that about skeered me death looking at those pics !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I ran across your blog. I'm a cowboys wife also and a grandaughter and a daughter of cowboys-rodeo type, although we weorked for 15 yrs. on a big cattle and registered quarter horse ranch-those were THE years. Sorry you are having trials in your life right now, we've been there and just tie a knot in your rope and hang one. Things will be O.K. We still have horses 5 of them and a heeler dog and a Corgie, a few cows where we are now-but thats enough.

Christina said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! Don't make me hold my breath so long... not good for my health! Glad the chimneys are done and clean! and that HOW is safe.... I love to do the 3 step! LOL Have agreat day! ((((hugs))))

Egghead said...

Oh that really is one steep pitched roof. I am glad you are done with this for the year I hope. By the way I love the photo with HOW in his hat and the pine branches showing.

DesertHen said...

That is one STEEP roof!! My knees got weak just looking at the photos. I do hope H.O.W. is off the roof now and enjoying the fire!

Trying to catch up on blog reading today, I have been away from the computer for a few days.

Annie Wicking said...

Did you know, WOW, you could make a living from cleaning chimneys?

Okay, it was just an idea... You looked like you knew what you were doing up.lol.

Best wishes my dear friend, ((Hug))

Have a great weekend,


terri said...

That is for sure a STEEP and scary roof! I love the idea of Cowboy Santa! What a fun and rewarding job!

Ranch wife said...

Glad that job is accomplished, and no one was hurt.


oregontribal1 said...

Holy Crap!!! I almost had to take a puff off of my "anhilator" inhaler for short!! I lost my breath looking at those pictures and NO I didn't enlarge them for a better lookie-see!! Next time call Mike Rowe pleeeaase; I don't know how you could stand there and take pictures?? But I DO like the idea of Cowboy Santa! I have Christmas cards with a Santa in a Cowboy hat...and a sleigh pulled by 8 piggies! I couldn't resist them they were too cute. Teresa

Renie Burghardt said...

Oi Veh, Barb, that looked mighty scary! I, too, am glad that job is done and you're both okay. Bet that fire felt good after being on that roof in the cold. Hey, write that book already, and you'll both be rich!



Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a delightful post. Hope all is going well.
If I am elected president your hubby can be the Secratary of Herd Management.

Train Wreck said...

Oh I am so glad you made it down, safe and sounding like a million bucks!! LOL!! Where are the pictures of you!!!I was so hoping this would be the post with your "hot" self in it!! I love your narration of the story!! You built the fire after he was on the ground right!he he! That is one steeep chimney! Oh and of course I have a song for you!

Ive got fire-engine red t-bird Tractor
In a minute or less I can be dressed fit to kill
I work twenty-four on and twenty-four off
When they get too hot, they just give me a call
Im the fireman, thats my name

They call me the fireman, thats my name
Makin my rounds all over town puttin out old flames
Well everybodyd like to have what Ive got
I can cool em down while theyre smolderin hot
Im the fireman, thats my name

They call me the fireman
Thats my name.

tardevil said...

Please get cowboy off of that roof with those double ladders. He's making me nervous all the way across the US. I hope your son has much success in the job hunt. We went through it 2 years ago. Something will work out...it always does!

Train Wreck said...

WOW!! Do you think I am going to eat those little children!? he he! Actually we don't even get trick or treaters, everyone takes them to town. I do ask my kids if they want to play Hanzel & Gretel all the time! They just look at me with questioning eyes. I guess they don't read that story at school anymore? lol!!

tardevil said...

Thanks for your nice comments over at my place! Have a happy Halloween!!!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Good story telling. The fire at the end surprised me.

wordmama said...

Oh man, those pictures make me feel woozy just looking at them! Glad to know that he made his brief career as a chimney sweep safe and effective!

Professor said...

Oh that didn't look light fun at all, and it seemed down right frightening... but the post was way fun to read.