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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Gift of Procrastination....

Why NOT put off today, what you can do tomorrow...next month... or 6 months from now?

I blessed our Daughter "Hydro" with a trait that I have,
which has haunted my family for decades.
It truly has been a 'sore spot'!
It flows not within the veins of our family blood!
It is not a genetic mutation passed on through the generations or even skipping one or two.
It is not hereditary amongst just females.
Where I got it, I am not sure, possibly out of my innate stubbornness since childhood, my sense of being different or the wishing that I were.
Through no fault of her own, "Hydro" joined the rank in the family a long side of me, Mom!
Mom and Daughter, alone, hold the title "The Procrastinators" !

I do, however, believe that "Hydro" is passing it along to her daughter Mickey Blue Eyes... (time will tell!)
* * *

"Hydro" looks pretty innocent here, don't you think?

Probably because she hasn't had enough training yet!

* * *

Right about now, "Hydro" 'looks' like she has been paying attention to Mom, picking up on those vibes that say procrastination can be a fun thing to acquire and use!

Even Mom is sensing the transition!

* * *

By now, "Hydro" has perfected Procrastination and joined Mom's rank within the family! And she gets crowned Queen for her great achievement!

Procrastination works!

* * *

There are always ups and downs in life. Even as Procrastinators, we cannot make everything work out perfectly, no matter how hard we try, right "Hydro"?

* * *

Belonging to the Elite class of Procrastinators takes a lot of thought and Hard work!! Sometimes it takes a jack hammer to drive those things we could do, should do, deeper into our thick skulls! To put them out of our thoughts!

"Hydro" is making sure!

* * *

There is counseling available for Procrastinators!

Personally, I don't think "Hydro" and I need it, but we sure could counsel those who are seriously thinking about taking up this trait! We'have a lot of pointers and years of experiences to help them perfect it!

However…I have read over the years, that Procrastinators are made~ not born. Procrastination is learned in the family milieu, but not directly.

Hmmmm, does that mean Mom is Not at fault!

Does it mean I was a great Mom for not sitting down with her to teach it as part of our home structure teachings?

And does it mean I succeeded with my bewitching aura

by surrounding her whole being so procrastination penetrated her soul?


* * *

Maybe I can blame "this Guy"?? Ya think? After all, they were sweethearts from 9th grade on! (sometimes off, ....but just maybe~ HE was procrastinating and teaching "Hydro" how to be more proficient at it! Hey....I like this reason!)

After all, they look like co-conspirators right?! AND.....He was crowned King the same time she received her crown..so why not?

Doesn't the quarterback run the show? Not a Mom, for sure!

* * *

"Hydro" faltered here though...( and boy was I ever thankful!)

I think "the Guy" in the previous picture was tired of "Procrastinator" being her title! I'm sure he wanted it to be "Mom" !

There is no such thing as procrastinating when you graduate from college at the same time, get jobs in California in the same school district, move, get married, 11 months later make me a Grammy to Dill! And then.....17 months later give us Mickey Blue Eyes! (I am grateful they wanted to throw procrastination out of their vocabulary!)

* * *

Uh -oh! I have a stinking hunch here.....!

It is beginning to look an awful lot like "Hydro" is seriously contemplating resuming her title "The Procrastinator"!

* * *

But I still love you "Hydro"! You will always be my little girl!

* * *

Being a Procrastinator isn't all that bad...Having my daughter join me in the ranks amongst our family is great 'support' for ME! (Even our Son, her Brother, doesn't understand how come we keep holding onto our titles..)

BUT....Now, it has come back to bite me in the butt!

Through my Google analytics...I know when they "lurk" at my blog.. so this post is for you "Hydro" and "the Guy"...I know one of you will see this......

Almost 6 months ago, as Winter was winding down, I flew south for the most memorable visit with “Hydro, the Guy, Dill, & Mickey Blue Eyes”… I had ten glorious days to spend with them. The weather was warmer there than here, yet one never knows the fluctuations that can occur that time of year so I packed for warm and cool weather. While there, they gifted me with some new clothes and a bunch of hand-me-downs of Hydro’s. I think they wanted me to quit wearing Wranglers and t-shirts? Become more “hip” :) They treated me like a queen! No, not the Queeen of Procrastionation…because "Hydro" holds that honor…

Not just a Queen ...a Grand Queen! I didn’t want to come home!
The day came for me to pack. I had to make sure all of my new acquisitions were in the suitcase, which meant I had to leave some of my old things behind.

Spring arrived here, summer clothes replaced winter clothes.

Summer was definelty warm here, 'ner a thought about winter clothes and those I had left folded on my bed in Southern California.

Well…."Hydro", Queeen of Procrastination…for the past 8 mornings…

we have been in the 30’s!
Sitting on the front porch drinking my morning coffee wrapped in a blanket...

just is not right!!

Could you...


Would you...




Send me my favorite winter bathrobe?????


Elliemae said...

What a beautiful daughter you have!
Nice looking family, the babies are too cute!

Linda said...

I have a reason to procrastinate, I work much better under pressure:)

Sarah said...

She's so beautiful.

I think she should have her own blog, I want to hear about their love story. Sounds like a fairytale.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I'm a procrastinator as well. It's not so bad. It just makes you scramble sometimes, or forget things, like you did. :-)

Your daughter is lovely, and your grandchildren are adorable!

You are in the thirties at night already? Gee, that's a wee bit chilly. The Ozarks are a bit more temperate, we're still in the 80s here, with 60s at night. Perfect weather.

Hope you get your winter bathrobe soon!

A fun read.



LL said...

That's a mighty pretty girl there WOWie...

As for procrastination... did you ever read what my computer wallpaper was?

It's a lovely picture that says...

Procrastination: Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.

JennyLu said...

lol, how long has she had it?

and you and cowboy did a great job with her, your daughter and her family are beautiful.

Alex said...

wow..your daughter is VERY beautiful!!! You must be so proud of her!! :)

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

What a beautiful gal!

I love this post!


DesertHen said...

Ohhhhhh I'm so happy to meet a fellow Procrastinator.....like right now when I should be packing food for our little camping trip, but I'm on the computer blogging. Wonder what food I will forget....won't worry about that now....=)

Your daughter is beautiful and what a darling family she has.

Jeanne said...

Hey Barb, Your post is always so darned great to read. I have some encouragement for procrastinators. I am one too. If it wasn't for the last minute nothing would get done. I live it!

Your daughter and grands are so beautiful. Her hubby is handsome too. I know how proud you must be of them.


Anonymous said...

I should join the Procrastinators Club, but, not just now.

terri said...

I'm a procrastinator too! The bills are always paid at the last minute (thank God for online bill pay!) The cupboards are bare before the grocery shopping gets done, and my neighbor's books, which I long ago finished reading, have been sitting on my end table for weeks, unreturned.

I embrace my procrastinatorness!

And your daughter and family are beautiful! I bet she loves your sense of humor too!

Shirley said...

What a gorgeous daughter you have, and a classic love story!

Midlife Mom said...

I can tend to procrastinate a bit myself but then when it is crunch time I flu into it and get lots done!
Your daughter is beautful! What a lovely family!
So your son was here in Maine??!!! What part did he go to? We are near Bangor which is central Maine, about 45 minutes from the ocean. I hope he enjoyed his lobster, I've never had it anywhere else that cooks it any better then here!

LL said...

You asked for it.

Alex said...

Good evening. I hope you had a good Saturday. :)

Janice Thomson said...

Love your style of writing - in particular your wonderful humor :)I'll definitely be visiting often.
Lovely photos of your daughter and granddaughter!

I don't procrastinate often but when I do it usually gets me into trouble of some sort...

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Barb,your daughter and grandchildren are just beautiful.
My hubby is the king of procrastination.

Alex said...

I hope you had a good weekend. Happy Monday! :)

Anonymous said...

Took me a while before I got to reading your post ... I guess we all have a tendency to procrastinate. I mean, if you look at all the stuff people have to do? It's a miracle that some things get done!

I agree with my fellow WOW-fans that your girl and her family are beautiful!
See ya!

Train Wreck said...

Your daughter is gorgeous!! And your grandaughter is too! Must take after mom!! Speaking of which...we, I want a current picture! You and your handsome fella!! No procrastanating!! he! he!I know you have one! I hope you get your robe!

Professor said...

Your daughter is beautiful as is her family.

and i agree with author Jill Connor Brown that every woman should be queen of something- why not procrastination? She she does have the crown... :)

Egghead said...

What a beautiful family. I hope you get your robe soon.