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​​​​​​​Life is tough! Requires hard physical work, long, long days of pain, dirt, and broken fingernails.​
​Days of frigid cold & scorching heat; through the dust & mud; daybreak into the darkness of nite~~​
​the heart & body becomes toughened & weathered replicating leather!​
​A forever constant factor for a real Cowboy's Wife is tons of sweat, oceans of tears and a constant 'drought' in the wallet!​
​​​​​​​​​IF​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ she wants to spend anytime at all with her Cowboy, she must do as he does, you become partners!​
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​... It really isn't that bad! There are many rewards to be had to make it a great lifestyle! ...​ ​​​​​​​

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just wondering...

...what life would be like IF...
  • Businesses were as accountable as they expect YOU to be!

DISH did NOT deliver my hi-speed Internet! (yet they took our $$!!) We only received a recorded message yesterday morning, very slurred & unable to decipher. I had to sit "on hold" for 1.5 hours for them to tell me there was a 'scheduling conflict'...no other explanation! Yet, we were to give them 24 hour notice IF we were to cancel or change!!

Our phone company won't credit us for all the 'down time' they've been providing us with, while they claim to be "providing" us with an internet connection!! :(

...what life would be like IF...

  • Living in the agricultural world really meant you don't "work"!

Over the period of the past 6 days, we have had 'visitors' that are either on vacation or just out 'cruising'. We do enjoy having company, don't get me wrong. BUT...this way of life, there is always work to be done! Sitting around visiting with people for hours on end~ does NOT pay the bills! We don't have that luxury of paid days off or vacations. Over the years, a lot of the people we've known that have "real jobs" as they call them, have always thought of us as having the 'easy life'...not a JOB per se, just a hobby! We are supposed to have free time all the time! I seriously doubt that if we showed up at their homes as they begin their day, or even at their lunch hour, that'd they would 'cancel' their jobs for the rest of the day just for us & to just kick back & visit for hours! I am sorry people...but if you are not relying on agriculture for your livelihood, please, be respectful of those who do! You may work 8-5, come home & have the rest of the evening to do as you please....but we don't! Our days are generally long, long days...and we need to make our living as the oppourtunities, the hours & the weather permits! I have to tell you a story here..........years ago, we bought 10 bare acres of old hay ground. There was No water, No power, No fences, No home....we lived in wall tents, camping as we built fences, corrals, drilled a well, added septic tank and we built a small home by ourselves. Hubby shoed horses & started colts by daylight in order to pay for everything as we went along. Come evenings, we worked until dark & beyond...on our Little House on the Prairie. Summers weren't long, & winter's heavy snowfalls could come early any given year. We had to work hard & fast! Looky-loos came around every day, amazed(?) at what we were doing, living like we were with 2 teenagers! Gawkers from the distance, looked through binoculars. One Saturday morning, we had a lot to accomplish by Monday as the septic system was going to be put where our "camp" was. It was 8:00 am and already, I had made 4 pots of coffee for the onlookers. Hubby had had it!! It was raining & time was ticking by fast! He came to the 'campsite' & sternly stated... "If you are here to help, grab one of these **tossing hamers, shovels, etc., ever so angrily at the ground** and get to work! If you are NOT here to help? Get the H*** out of here!" Of the 16 people standing around drinking cup after cup of coffee...only ONE person stayed! He worked all day along side of us and we accomplished our mission for Mondays schedule! THEN, & ony then, were we able to sit back & enjoy Sunday as a day off! He is a great friend to this day! No one else came around again to just sit back and watch! They either pitched in with helping hands, or they lurked in the background behind binoculars & yes even telescopes! When we had an actual roof over our heads late Fall, they did come to see what we'd accomplished without their help.

...what life would be like IF...

  • Families weren't strung out around the world do to the changing demands of careers but were close enough to have regular Sunday suppers at "Gramma's", family gathering for BBQ's, graduations, birthdays, holidays...as it used to be in an era gone by!

We live 4+ hours away from my folks & older Sister. Our daughter & her family are a hefty 24 hour drive away in So. Calif.! My younger Sister is in Minnesota (don't know how long of a drive??) My older Brother is in Montana; Hubby's Brother is 5+ hours away. And NOW...as of September 1st, our Son will be in Fargo, ND!! Today, he accepted the job with a Wind Farm Company to be their Development Manager...of 2 huge $500 million projects! He will be doing everything from land negotiations, to permitting, to community communication and education, responsible for portions of the P&L of the projects, working with State officials down to community officials. The first few months will be spent setting up the physical presence of the Company there in Moorhead with an office. Both sites are in Minn. across the border (N.D. has 'cheaper' state income tax than MN, so hence, he'll plant himself there.) He is soooo very excited for the huge challenge afore him! He has been stalemated at his current job & has waited for this opportunity! It's huge! It's in a very young, yet fast growing "industry"! We are truly excited & happy for him....yet that means he won't be driving home on a long weekend for some of Mom's home cooking (he always puts in his "order" before he comes over) or to raid my pantry of my garden's bounty. It means he won't be spending as many holidays with us, or he won't be able to come to help us build fence, cut firewood, etc, etc....ya know, all the things they HAD to help with when growing up & growled about, yet now, they WANT to help you with those things! I know my Sister & her family, in Minnesota, are finally going to have the opportunity to get to know him. He will no doubt be going to her house for Thanksgiving etc! It will only be a 4 hour drive for him! We are extremely proud of our kids! They both worked jobs to put themselves through college, as we could not afford to help them. Our Son has 2 BA degrees, has traveled the world as a civilian & as an Officer in the USMC (he is currently up for Major ~ IRR status (Inactive Reserve Ready)). Our Daughter is an elementary teacher, her hubby is a Principal & they both have their Masters. We don't begrudge the kids at all for their career choices & places their lives have taken them, we only wish society wasn't so "mobile" these days, so their careers could have kept them closer to their roots...and us!

...what life would be like IF...

  • The "C" (cancer) word did not extist!

In the past 13 years, we have lost 37 close friends & family members. That is a huge number! 32 of them have been to that "C" word!

It has been confirmed, my Dad has cancer. Tomorrow, he is scheduled for a PET scan to determine his options; to what extent if any, has it spread; is it small cell or non-small cell; fast growing or slow growing.

I hate this disease!

We lost Cowboy's Dad 2 years ago to it. My Dad is an extremely positive person, and he told me last week that he still plans to live to at least 100 ! I hope he does!!

~The battle is on!


...what life would be like IF...

  • Blogging hadn't been discovered on my computer by this curious country gal!

I wouldn't have met all of you! !! And I so enjoy reading your blogs, about your lives, your interests & your humor!...........when my phone connection cooperates, when I don't have a 'virus' or a 'worm', and when Blogger doesn't hate me! Seems as of late...that's all I get ! I will get caught up with you!

2:50 a.m. Friday....later....GRRrrrrr...as I've tried tonight to track you all down & check up on you, easily, I got to 3 of you...and was able to get to your comments...then, for who knows what reason.........I could find your sites, but unable to load the comment section! I'm going to bed now and hope my luck changes tomorrow!!


Sage said...

Sorry to hear the news about your Dad, but hope that the scans have a positive outcome.

on the other parts of your post - I would love to hang out with you guys, just put me to work somewhere :-) don't mind what I do, but being across the pond it isn't likely to happen.


Sarah said...

When Josh and I come visit (notice the when and not "if") we'll definitely put our time in to help! I don't want a hammer thrown at me! ;)

I'm so very sorry about your dad, Barb. He's in my prayers. The Lord does amazing stuff; I've seen first hand.

Exciting and sad about your son leaving. Excellent opportunity for him.

You'll get your internet fixed and you'll be up and runnin'!

See ya Monday!

Alex said...

I appreciated your blog today. Really. And I'm sorry about your father. I will keep him and you in my prayers. *hugs*

A Cowboy's Wife said...

I, too, am thinking about your father. Our prayers go out to him and the rest of the family!


The W.O.W. factor said...

Sage & Sarah~ c'mon over! We could find something for you to do! REALLY, tho...a visit is always welcome..sometimes it would be nice if we could know ahead of time tho..to adjust our time and chores.

Alex~ Hope your day is better today for you! YOU are in MY prayers!

Lori!~ Thanks for stopping by! & thank you for the prayers.

TOCCO said...

Barb... I would love to be able to talk with you.... I will pay for the phone call you may still have it... but here is my email
the original coffee company at yahoo dot com..... just send me your phone # much hugs... christina

JennyC&F said...

Welcome Back, you've been well missed! Dial up sucks, dish is not much better. Farming/agri is the pits it is ALOT of work on a 24/7 basis, Cancer is the plauge of the 21st century, HERE HERE to families, and thank God your a blogger because I am blessed to have you as a blogger buddy. Keep a grinning!

LL said...

Sorry to hear about you not getting the upgrade. Hopefully you'll be up and running in no time!

As for your dad... I've heard that eating apricot kernels will help out with that, and even kill it in some cases. Worth a try I'd say.

Midlife Mom said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad. They are doing amazing things now for cancer so will be praying that the docs find the right treatment for him. My Mom is a 16 year cancer survivor for which we are very thankful!

Hope you get your Internet problems straightened out. Miss hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

So sorry about your dad....remembering him in prayer. Sending a big ol' hug from Tennessee.

Train Wreck said...

Oh my dear friend! If wishes were horses... you are always in my thoughts. I am so happy you & I started blogging and met! Anytime I would love to come over and help out! I know what it is to have others think how easy life must be since "I don't work!" You have worked harder than most and longer than many! Sorry to hear your "Dish" problems, I had those same problems when we moved back to the country! So frustrating! Let us know as soon as you are up again!
I will tuck you and you dad under my prayer pillow!
Poor girl you need a vacation! While the people who think you don't work and have it so easy, take care of your homestead!!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

hopefully you will get your Dish company straightened out . We will still be here, don't fret. But I know how you feel , I can't stand for something to be wrong with my computer.
Sorry to hear about your dad . If you don't mind my asking, where is your fathers cancer located ?
I am a 3 year survivor from Esophagus cancer . Praise the Lord !

Mikey said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad. That's real rough. Congrats on your son's job, that sounds wonderful.
We totally know what you mean about people just showing up and talking forever. My MIL shows up at 9 or 10 pm when she visits, no call or anything. We're ready to conk out!!
Hope things get better for your Dad, we'll keep him in our prayers!