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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Famous "Robins"...

...We All Know &/or Love So Well.

Batman & ROBIN have been icons in our lives since the 1940's. They have appeared in the comics, as TV series and on the big screen in several versions. Everyone adores the sweet youthful face of Batman's sidekick~the popular~ROBIN.

The distinguished ROBIN Williams landed in our laps, in 1978, as an alien who came to Earth from the planet Ork in a large egg-shaped space ship via "Mork & Mindy".
ROBIN has been a welcomed 'visitor' in our lives as a comedian/actor extraordinaire!
Who doesn't welcome ROBIN Williams on their screens?
I, personally, would welcome him into my home!


We shall never forget the legend of the notorious ROBIN Hood!
The triumph of good over evil!
The robbing of the rich to give to the poor!
There is a mystical vision, a magical interpretation that has been woven into the rich tapestry of who ROBIN Hood truly is.
I have alwys wanted 'to believe' that he existed.
History records indicate it would have been sometime in the 13th. Century.
~If ROBIN Hood truly existed~

Becoming stranded on a beautiful island in 1894, through the words of Daniel Devoe, is the story of the illustrious ROBINson Crusoe.

Since childhood, this story has continued to intrigue me. I read the words, I saw the movies, and watched the TV series ...always "dreaming" of such a place, a life, such isolation...even with pirates and palm trees!
ROBINson Crusoe has remained an intricate part of who I am, why I am.

My earliest recollection of the most celebrated ROBIN of all,
is that of the North American songbird (Turdus migratorius) having a rust-red breast and gray and black upper plumage.
I have listened to, and cherished, their music since I can remember flitting in the gardens as a toddler.
Their appearance and their songs have a hint of magical wonder.
They were, and always will be, indicators that brighter and better days will soon be enjoyed.

I can never forget my childhood friend, neighbor
and "partner in crime" was ROBIN.
We shared wild adventures, invisible games;
explored the forbidden forests and beaches.
We were inseperable and enjoyed years of friendship.
So when my favorite ROBIN...showed up last Friday, I was elated! Memories of wonderment, laughter and good times overwhelmed me.
I lit up like a child on Christmas morn!
I danced with joy and heard music in my ears!
Which of the notorious ROBINs appeared before me?

None other than~
The Redbreasted ROBIN!

(aka North American Songbird)

Along with 15 others!
(which as you know, with my camera that only holds two pictures now,
and is worthless...
Nope, the 'photographer' is not worthless, just the camera!
you'll have to take my word on that...on both...)
I checked my garden journal and they arrived 6 days later than last year.
Is there any great significance to their arrival?
For me there is....


Glenda, saved by grace said...

O.K.I give...what is it? The first signs that spring is coming?
Ive always loved Robins too . I loved Robin Williams in mrs. Doubtfire and one of my favorites Patch adams!
I think I'll go find that one and watch it!

Vaquerogirl said...

Really? Turdus Migratorious! You made that up!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Around these parts ;when the first robin shows up it is a sign of SPRING ! Halleleuyah, send one of those suckers my way would ya !!

Jennster said...

I'd say SPRING but dang it, we are just starting to get winter! Honest, they are calling for snow here tomorrow! Lets see... I can't remember but they mean something.

Missed you!
Luvs ya!

Pony Girl said...

Cute post! ;) I think I heard robins the other afternoon, but have yet to see any yet!
Robin Williams is so talented...so oddball comedy, but really great. I really liked him in that movie with Ben Affleck, he plays a counselor, but the name escapes me right now- wait, I think it's "Good Will Hunting!" Hope you had a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Pfffftttttttt! They wait 'til spring to darken our door. I'd trade a sparrow or a crow though.

Andrea said...

Does that mean spring might be coming soon??

I have always loved the saying from Robin, "Holy Rusted Metal Batman." Okay, that wasn't a good example. Anyway, you get the idea.

Gail said...

The harbinger of spring, could it be possible???

Janie said...

Did you see the Sea Robin on my site?

Scawy, scawy, scawy. Still having dreams about catching that fish.

DesertHen said...

You get them early up there!! We don't usually see a robin until March around here. Lots of sparrows at the moment and they just love eating all of our chicken food!! My sister is a Robin, so I guess when I talk to her on the phone, I could pretend she is the first Robin of spring....he, he. I have been working on my "strategic plan" for work all evening and I think my brain is a bit rummy at the moment...Ha! I managed to get all of my thoughts down, but now I wonder if they are good enough or what was wanted of me....see, self doubt creeping in. Well I must keep it at bay and tell myself that what I have come up with is a good plan for our program and youth. Thank you for your kind words and your friendship my friend. I hope we get to meet someday soon.....=)


fernvalley01 said...

We won't see them until April at the earliest ,but they do always make me smile!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Robins! You lucky Duck! You must be living right, I won't see one untill May..that is four more long months:)

gel said...

Hiya Barb,
Clever post to wind all of those "robins" together! I felt like I was walking down memory lane. Now that reminds me of "Lois Lane" so do a post on "lanes."

I LOVE Robin Williams' humor (and acting) so we'd have a "CatWoman" fight over whose house he stays in!

Now I know where the robins (birds) migrate to. We don't see 'em here in winter. They truly signify spring in my neck of the woods.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Heya Barb! Another "Robynn" just dropping in to say there's a little something for you over at my place. :) Come on by anytime.

Anonymous said...

I loved it, wondered where you were going with the robin story as some of them are my favourites too... but love the redbreasted bird... viscious territorial creature but very pretty, we have them all year round in the UK so for us it hasn't any significance so I will be interested in what they mean to you.


Egghead said...

Funny Barb one of my best friends in grade school and partner in crime was Robin. I just saw her last summer at my mothers birthday party after many years. I haven't seen a robin yet this year. Still waiting.

The Wife said...

Well, I was hoping for a young man in tights on your front door but I guess the song birds will have to do!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Haven't seen any robins here yet...hope your robins are right and spring is coming soon

Broken Y said...

Our days are getting longer - It didn't get dark until 6:30pm last night! We are waiting with anticipation for spring! However, we get a day or two of spring like weather thrown into our winters!

LL said...

Did you hurriedly shoo them away? After all... I know winter is your favorite time of the year...

Janice Thomson said...

Haven't seen any here...yet. What a treat for you! We are still a bit below normal temp though so it will be a couple weeks yet. They are definitely a sign of Spring here too.

Elliemae said...

I've had Robins at my birdfeeder! Seems way too early for them...but I'll take 'em!

inadvertentfarmer said...

Mork and Mindy made me laugh till my sides hurt...still think he's hilarious. Wouldn't want to live with someone like that but darn is he fun to watch!

Great post Kim

My Wonderful Men said...

You think Spring is on it's way already? Around here it won't stop snowing and I'm not joking. I just looked outside and it's snowing again! We have more snow this year than the past five year togehter.

We use to play Batman and Robin and fight over who would be who.

Shirley said...

Robins are still a distant dream here, so I'll settle for the beauties at my birdfeeders; pine grossbeaks, evening grossbeaks, chickadees, house sparrows, bluejays, and of course, the red squirrel!

Pearl said...

Hi Barb... How wonderful for you, to see a Robin RedBreast! My Mom loved those sweet birds...

My favorite "Robin" would have to be "Christopher Robin" from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories! Keep warm and keep watching for the Robins... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


terri said...

Definitely a sign of hope, renewal and new life. There IS life after winter!

The Blonde Duck said...

This was a cute post! :)

Jamie said...

I can hardly wait for the Robins to start showing up here....They're our state bird.

Rue said...

Hi Mamma Barb!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been by to see you. Moving is crazy stuff and we are up to our eyeballs in boxes, so I hope you'll forgive me.... pretty please?? :)

My mom always says a silly poem that goes with Little Robin Red Breast sitting on a pole, but I don't think I'll write it here LOL

I hope you get your spring soon, because I know how badly you want it :)

Ummm... let's see... we finished the floors with a poly stain. If you need more info I'll get it from Rich, just let me know.

Oh and be careful of Rate My Space. It can be fun, but there is evil there. I was one of a group of women that were somewhat popular and we left to blog. Long story, but if you want you can put "RMS" or "Rate My Space" in my search box and read about some of it.

I'll miss you while I'm away from the computer after tomorrow....

much love to you and big ol' hugs!
DADR rue

Carol said...

I enjoyed your blog...Robin is one of my favorites too. Such a funny guy! Robins in the south are pretty much always around, but we have been flirting with Spring at least one day week, so there's Hope,that it will arrive early!
Thanks for coming by The Writers Porch and leaving me such a nice comment!

gtyyup said...

Quite a round up of Robin's you've posted!! Very clever. I love Robin Williams too...yes, I believe a visit from him would be totally unforgettable!

No robin red-breasts here...yet. But, we've been seeing thousands of Canadian geese flying back north!!

wordmama said...

Oh thank goodness - spring must be just around the corner! At least where you are. Here we're still burried under three feet of snow! lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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