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​A forever constant factor for a real Cowboy's Wife is tons of sweat, oceans of tears and a constant 'drought' in the wallet!​
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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Cabela's Men...

...have invaded my home!

Every Fall, our doors swing to and fro for family and friends that live for love to hunt.

The weekends bring bird hunters as this area is known for Pheasants; yet Mother Nature affects their bounty. Heavy moisture in the spring can drown the chicklets as the nests are tucked into the ground. Coyotes are a predator that impacts their lives also.
Recently, there have been 3 reported sightings of wolves not far from here.
I'm sure with time they, too, will play a role in the numbers within the hunters bags.
The hunters come, nonetheless, to let their dogs prove their skills.

On any given hunting weekend, you can find at a minimum of 15 bird dogs tucked into their kennels come nightfall here, while their owners are huddled around our fireplace warming their aching muscles and discussing their dogs attributes or faults of the day.

The deer hunters love to trek the miles of rolling hills, too,
only they are in search of “the Big One”.

They seem to be more ‘durable’ than the bird hunters (don't repeat that to the Bird guys ) as they like to spend their evenings outside surrounding a campfire telling their tall tales of missing a perfect shot; or of the "Big One" they bagged back in 1995!

All of these "Cabela's Men" have known me for years. They know and respect my rules.
I have one, well two, rules all of them must follow if they want to stay here.

1) They cannot hunt on our ground

2) I do not want to see their "catches of the day"

Oh..I guess I have a third one...

3) I will cook their meals but it has to be "Beef...it's what's for dinner!"


Tonight, tucked away in our large, unused upstairs, sleeps 6 “Cabela's Men”.
I know they are sleeping because the ceiling above me is shaking with all the snoring!
(Yes, they have their own separte bath complete with a shower, thank goodness)
I am sure they are each dreaming about that "big 5 point I saw the other day"
…which is NOT allowed within their sights I warned them,
unless he has wandered on to someone else’s property!
There is some sort of late deer hunt going on here that one had to be drawn for.
Two of these friends were drawn, the other 4 are just Tag-a-longs to help keep the evening fire crackling with tales.
They are all here for that ever so necessary Guy Time!
Tomorrow, 5 more “Cabela's Men” will arrive, these being from Cowboy’s family.
Two of them were drawn also.

(I would like to know just how many names were actually drawn in total for this area
enabling my house to be blessed with 4 of them! What are the odds here?)

Tomorrow night, the upstairs will be filled with testosterone levels that is probably
(or should be) illegal to have contained within one room.
It will be wall to wall with guns, boots, sleeping bags, and gear. And the "Cabela's Men"!
I’m sure the roof will be raised with even taller tales being told, as they remember yet another that someone overlooked around the evening campfire! When you get that many guys in one space, the tales just seem to grow bigger than the pine trees outside!

I absolutely LOVE to cook for big hungry guys with healthy hearty appetites!
Lucky for me (and our budget) these “Cabela's Men” bring all the food for me to prepare.
They have strict orders to bring only beef if they want to eat my cooking.
(pork or chicken is fine too!)

I don't need this!

I've cooked for 70+ people before in Dutch Ovens over an open campfire,
high in the mountains...this is a piece of cake!
All one needs is a group with a ferocious appetite!

What makes this such a pleasant task, is these groups of "Cabela's Men" are gracious and appreciative of my cooking for them.
They all jump in to help with clean up and the dishes before heading outside to their campfire.
It does get a little "deep" in my kitchen with their good humor, their teasing, and their boisterous ways, so I scurry them along quickly, thank them and adjourn them to their fire.
Ahhh....Quiet! That always feels good, yet I will welcome their banter all over again, tomorrow!

Cowboy doesn’t know about the invasion yet. I wonder what he will think when he arrives home late tomorrow night to find me sharing his home with all these “Cabela's Men"!

Either he will be looking for this to run to and hide in, after spending "the past week bombarded" with noise and confusion....at which I will be a holler'n..
"...wait...you aren't moving to my dream house without me!

Or he may suggest we start a Hunting Retreat! At which time I will be telling him...
"..yea right, I can see you now... charging all our friends and family to bed down here while hunting!"


Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and we will have another houseful!
A different group of "Cabela's Men"! The bird hunters will be returning!
No, the wild turkeys running around here will NOT be what is served!
Off to bed...mornings' hunger will soon be upon me!
(I may be needing a Chef of my own after 6 days of the "Cabela's Men"! )

Have a great weekend and stop in if you're in the neighborhood.

Directons?? Just follow the essences of food, laughter & good company!


terri said...

You are a gracious woman to play hostess to all those men! And you've also given me a peek at the reason my "boys" love to go hunting so much. The cameraderie, communing with nature and shared meals are not something they enjoy much in their everyday lives.

EmmyRedneck said...

We are lucky enough to have one in our little town, and I would live there if they would only let me.
Ohhhhh I love Cabelas. I also happen to love hunting as well, and I used to train bird dogs. So I was there often anyways... Lol!

Alex said...

You are a extraorinary woman to provide for all those men. ;)

Hope you have a good weekend!!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Being from Canada, we had never heard of Cabela's before. But my hunting obsessed BIL, nephew, and neice, discovered it last winter during a trip to San Francisco. Oh my goodness, thier worlds will never be the same again. Did you know that they even carry camaflage shower curtains?

You are very kind to do so much for these hunters, they obviously are including your cooking in the great memories. Cooking for 70? What on earth did you ever make?
Sounds great!


Anonymous said...

The Cabela's in Reno is VERY cool and their catalogs are like "wish lists" from the mailbox! Each of my kids (Sis included) would grab a copy and fold, write down and sticky note just about the whole catalog so we knoew what they wanted for Christmas! "Course, that meant havin'money, so they'd be good to get a gift or two...but last year, when the Reno store opened, we were able to go their and buy them each two items a piece! They thought they were livin' large! Hmm...BassPro opened a bit closer to us....probably a good thing I don't have any $$ to spare!!

Anonymous said...

Hey...a just a thought...(and you know I have many)...maybe you are missin' your callin' here...why not open a "hunter lodge"? I'm sure you could get some payin' hunters in there..and as for yer cookin', shoot, gal! Give some lessons on Dutch Oven cookin' here!

JennyLu said...

mmmhmmm i don't miss grttin up at 4 am n makin poy afteer pot of hot cocoa n coffee 4 the stream of hunters commin in our home in NY

is that u'r last turkey day dinner?

Rue said...

Hi Barb :)

There's nothing like being a lone woman in a room full of testosterone (lol). I wish I could join you, but I'd have to bring Rich. I don't think he'd be too keen on me coming alone ;)

It seriously sounds like a wonderful time.

Big ol' hugs back for you... from me, Rich and Annie :)


DesertHen said...

Love how you call them "Cabela Men"...=)That is Hayman's favorite store!! Sounds like you have a house full!! I would have gladly traded you three small children for a house full of hungry Cabela Men!! I love to cook for large groups and open our home to friends who draw tags in our area for hunting....love to hear their stories and watch them interact with one another. I have never done any dutch oven cooking, but would love to learn how so I can cook over open fire when we take our fishing trips.

I bet Cowboy will be surprised when he arrives home later....He might go hide out somewhere like my Countrychick has done...she is avoiding all of the little ones at this point!

Hayman is coming home today, a day early. No elk...the rest of the group will be going back next weekend to try again for an elk. Hayman will not join them, I think he is going fishing before his favorite spot closes for the season.

Have a great weekend......=D (((HUGS))) to you.......

Gail said...

My hubby is a Cabela man! I do not know if I could stand a house full of 'em.
You are much nicer than I would be.
However, there is something about the Season that brings a little Cabela out in all of us.

Linda said...

Sounds like my kind of crew. I should have come and given you a hand at least:)

Professor said...

Sounds like a good hunting crew- there are surely good ones and bad ones!

And I don't have plans for thanksgiving- should just just follow my nose and head your way!

Annie Wicking said...

What a wonderful picture your words have create in my mind.

The ceiling shaking with all the snoring.

I love your rules too.

Have you hear any news about your cowboy?

Best wishes, my dear friend,


LL said...

Bah... rules were made to be broken... isn't that what you just told us a few posts back? ;P

Tessa said...

What a wonderful word pictures you conjure up! Transported me right into the midst of it all.

I'm SO pleased I found your wonderful blog through th Black Box!

Elliemae said...

My friend's husband is out west somewhere hunting right now. I'm sure there's nobody cooking his meals for him...the guys at your place have it good girl!

OneCowgirl said...

The Cabella boys sound delightful! Glad they brought their own groceries, help with the clean up and know how to be appreciative - their mommas trained them well!!

Karen Van Staeyen said...

Hi Barb! Sounds like you're having a great time! I hope this will create some revenue as well. We're having pheasant at the end of the week. Our friend Zou is a bird hunter and offered us one of these delicious birds. We have been in Belgium to visit family and friends. Ronny also established contacts and joined a group of Flemish Coaches which I think is great. He will be gone more often but I think I can handle that. I am still spending most of my time writing for the coaching business but this month I will write some posts on my blog. (promise!) Autumm is beautiful here this year. We had our first mushrooms this weekend ... mmmm
Take care and thanks for thinking about me, it means more to me then you might think!

The Blonde Duck said...

At least you're not lonely! I'll be shipping out your sussy tommorow! :) It's not much, but I hope you like it.

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Sounds like you have some Josh clones in residence. Josh wears Cabelas constantly. He loves their jackets and shirts. In fact, he's hunting today but not on our property -- on Post. I'm hoping for some venison to package and freeze. I'll likely can up some of it for later use in soups and whatnot. I have made up Brunswick stew with venison and canned it up. Yum.

Thank God for pressure canners, right?

Sorry to have not commented in a while. I took the weekend off because josh's aunt was visiting.

Love to Momma Barb,

wordmama said...

70 people?! Over a campfire?! Oh WOW, you are way more of a woman than I! I had 13 people over for my son's birthday this weekend and found it overwhelming!

Enjoy the company and laughter!

Christina said...

Hello.... sounds like you are in your element! Have loads of fun and enjoy! Hope Cowboy made it home safely! ((((hugs)))))

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hey Barb,you'll have to share some of those campfire recipes you have.
Everybody needs to know how to cook over an open fire.
Do you have your boots on ?? I bet the BS can get pretty deep ,huh ?LOL .

Amanda said...

Hi lady!! Is your hubby home yet? Ron called me from Utah a couple of days ago from a fancy restruant. The bosses took him to dinner. I was sitting at home eating a burger patty and feeling lonely. He was having a blast.
Hey you asked about my photo of the bird out the window. I have cedar trees around this house. I guess they planted them years ago.
I am unable to answer my pst via email and I do not know why, it worked fine until a few days ago

DesertHen said...

Helloooooo....are you out there??? Did your Cowboy make it home??? I'm starting to think the Cabela Men carried you off.......or maybe you are up to your neck in dishes from all of that cooking that is going on???? Hope all is well and you join us soon.....=) Thinking of you.....


Alex said...

GOod evening....stopping to see how you are doing. Thinking of you!

*hugs* :)

PS I posted a new (better quality) short video of me singing. =O

Freak Magnet said...

Good for you on BEEF - it's what's for dinner. Somehow this rancher's grandaughter has never been able to get into the cleaning of game fowl. Fish - anyday, but fowl need to be flying in my book! LOL

Train Wreck said...

Hey you need some rolls!? Have flour will travel! Ok maybe after I get through with Cowboy Christmas!On second thought can I come now....

Sage said...

Sounds like you are having a hectic time, and still busy... hope you and cowboy are re-united after his trip to the city...


Egghead said...

Brave woman to open you home to those guys. You deserve a vacation.

Pony Girl said...

WOW, you are dedicated! ;) You are a true gem, a keeper! I don't have anyone in my family that hunts. I don't understand the madness, the male-bonding thing over hunting.
Hang in there!

gel said...

Oh my, I just assumed you ate the game hunted. Thank goodness you don't because I salivate at the thought of what you prepare for these crowds. You make it sound easy and it isn't. Look at that spread on the table. I bet you're a terrific cook!
So happy to have found your blog through Quilly.

Early Happy Thanksgiving, CW!

Karin said...

LOL! You are a brave woman! I too have found myself in your shoes although I generally end up feeding a cowboy crew instead of the hunters. The Cabela Men (love that term - I'm married to one and gave birth to one!) who wander down our dirt road during hunting season tend to bring and cook their own vittles. I think it's a sort of therapy and escape from their rat race lifestyles. Here's hoping you'll soon find some time to relax - you've earned it!